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Balance – meeting your physical, emotional and spiritual needs

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Balance – meeting your physical, emotional and spiritual needs

Sometimes when we get dis-ease in the body, it has nothing to do with 'catching a virus' or 'catching a bug' or 'pulling a muscle', but more so to do with some other underlying emotional issue or unresolved issue from the past; and sometimes we create the dis-ease, pain or discomfort ourself on the subconscious level, and other times something different altogether, beyond the rational thinking mind.

After much questioning and curiosity from my part, a dear friend of mine leant me a book* to read up on the interconnection between our internal organs, emotions, consciousness, emotions we inherit, and the holistic nature of things that pertain to the body, mind and spirituality. Quite the book! One of those ones that you need to read 10 times over before it really sinks in.

One concept that really stood out that I thought was a must-share is the importance of balance. 

If we focus this lifetime too much on the physical, emotional and intellectual side of our self, without a balance of spirituality, should the desire arise to awaken and become more consciousness, it would be futile. One needs balance.

On the other side, if we focus this lifetime too much on spirituality without exploring the physical, emotional and intellectual, it will lead to disturbances and perhaps disorders within these realms of our self. One needs balance.

It is very simple … the concept of balance. But how many of us practice it? Truly practice it. And how do we keep in balance? Following is how best I see it, based on what I have learnt so far.

  • Look after our physicality with wholesome organic fruits, vegetables and personal care products bursting with nutrients that the body requires to function optimally and stay away from processed foods, sugar-laden beverages and toxic cosmetics.
  • Support our emotional state so that the scales are even. Avoid feeding 'stories' that lead to getting overwhelmed and swept away with drama or trauma, and 'rights' or 'wrongs'.
  • Feed the intellect daily with inspiration and information.
  • Explore our spirituality. No matter what we believe or how we believe it to be. Jumping down that rabbit hole to open our eyes, our heart and our imagination is enriching.

When I look back on my life and take into consideration the times when I’ve been keen to grow and improve the holistic aspects of me: physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual; it’s crystal clear to see how choosing to focus too much on any one of these aspects has tipped my scales of balance. For instance, when I first made the choice to ‘go vegan’, I was strict. And I mean strict. I was on a mission not only to make vegan choices 100% of the time with my diet, but also with my choices for fashion, beauty, homewares etc. And yes this is great, but with it also came the risk of being dogmatic and rigid in the emotional and intellectual aspects of my life. So I relaxed a little, and now experience a greater sense of ease and peace. Yes, I still love making vegan choices and still can’t bring myself to purchase an over-priced handbag made from the skin of a dead animal, but I have found that a more relaxed and non-judgmental state is more beneficial not only for my body, but also my mind. There's no benefit to crucifying ourselves for enjoying a delicious meal - whether that be a salad, a fillet of grass-fed beef or bowl of pasta. It’s all about balance.

And yes, my emotional scales sometimes get a little tipped to the side of frustration when I hear ‘stories’ of unkindness or abuse, but instead of getting caught up in the drama of others’ lives I am doing my best to ask myself the question: “Can I change it?” and if not, I do my best to let it go, but if so, I take the actions to create changes. Each option helps bring my holistic state to a greater sense of balance.

When it comes to spirituality I have numerous friends who have made it their life purpose to explore that side of life, but to the detriment of their physical health. And whilst they cherish the joy they create with their spiritual practice, they are suffering with physical dis-ease, with no awareness of how to change it. Again, it’s all about balance.

How do you see it?

* for the life of me I can not remember the name of the book. But I will be actively searching all crevices in that walnut looking thing inside my skull in the hope that I have an A-HA moment of recollection. I do apologise profusely about my condition of CRS (can’t remember s***), whilst it does come in handy sometimes, for instance, forgetting about certain not-so-pleasant events in life, it does have it’s downside … I often forget which day it is, and sometimes wake up wondering where I am. Yes, I’m serious. I wish I was kidding, but … such is my life. My husband is convinced that our life is bordering on a replica of that movie 50 First Dates. There is, however, another GREAT book that I can remember the name of, that decodes the emotional, psychological and spiritual messages that underlie illness. It's called Your Body Speaks Your Mind by Deb Shapiro. It's a must-read for anyone who is interested in this approach of health and wellbeing. 

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