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Reflections on Be Genki

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Reflections on Be Genki
photography: Ethical Made Easy

Many moons ago - mid 2005 - I created a blend of essential oils to help ease anxiety and mild depression.

At the time I thought I was just creating it  for one of my best friends. A woman who I have adored and loved and cherished since we were about 4 years old. The kind of friend who in an instant can make me cry with laughter. So, as you can imagine, no shortcuts were made.

I selected the most precious botanicals that are renowned to help relieve stress, anxiety and depression. All organic of course. And all in a perfectly balanced proportion to bring about the desired result. It was a blend that was born out of pure love.

But here’s the funny thing, whilst I thought I was making it for someone else, as the years have ticked by, I now realise that I was also making it for myself and every other woman and man out there that needs a gentle reminder to take a moment in the day to quieten the chatter. You know the kind ... when life gets a wee bit stressful, when the worries set in, when the monkey mind gets a little crazy with anxious thoughts.

If we don’t STOP to take a quiet moment to quieten that chatter, and find out what’s really going on in our body, mind and life, what chance do we have to heal? To feel better? To curb the crazy? To calm the chaos?

Getting to the root cause is something that I love to harp on about to anyone who cares to listen. Because I'm not a big fan of  “band-aid” quick fixes. They don’t work long-term. If we truly wish to improve our health, our happiness, and our daily satisfaction, joy and elation for life and living, then we need to change the things that are causing the dis-ease in the first place.

We need to “do the work” for any profound change to occur. It’s really as simple as that. And as with most things in life, the first step is creating that quiet space, so we can become aware of the reality that we are experiencing. Not the illusion or delusion that is sometimes so tempting to believe.

So, many moons have passed, and I am even more in love with this little bottle of Be Genki Serene that has not only helped me over the years, but also thousands of others.

*** Since writing this journal entry, Be Genki has evolved and changed, just like me. What was called Be Genki Serene, is now called Be Genki CALM. It's the same beautiful hand-crafted blend. Simply a new name and new packaging design. *** 


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  • Feb 14, 2021

    This is the most beautiful scent I have ever smelled. Anyone who visits our house while this oil is burning comments on how lovely it is!!

    — Jessica Suna

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