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Water. The first place to start when it comes to our health

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Water. The first place to start when it comes to our health

There are many things that I’m grateful for when it comes to my life. One that I’d love to expand upon in this post, is all to do with those who have quenched my curiosity for water.

I certainly can’t say that I understand water, or how it behaves. But what I can say, is that I know a little bit more about the kind of water that is beneficial to drink than I did a few years ago.

No one really understands water. It’s embarrassing to admit it, but the stuff that covers two-thirds of our planet is still a mystery. Worse, the more we look, the more the problems accumulate: new techniques probing deeper into the molecular architecture of liquid water are throwing up more puzzles. – Philip Ball

I’ve always loved water. Whether it be the thirst quenching drink, the waves to swim in, or a moment of me-time bathing in a bath tub. There is something undeniable to me, about the holistic healing properties of the fluid that runs through each and every one of us and that which is vital for our very survival.

But after experiencing first-hand an emotional rollercoaster ride after drinking the tap water, whilst living in the United States, my obsession with water purification began. Little did I know, at the time, that tap water is ‘recycled’ and is highly likely to contain remnants of pharmaceuticals that have passed through the population. Don’t believe me? Take a sample of your municipal tap water to a university and get it tested. You’d be horrified what’s in that seemingly transparent fluid.

Unfortunately we now live in a world where our water is polluted so much so that it would be insane to drink from running rivers that once were the source of life. Now rivers of death.

And whilst I’m down this rabbit hole, let’s not forget the Fukushima nuclear disaster that resulted in lethal levels of radiation flowing in to the sea, spreading across the oceans. And it’s still happening.

Or shall we mention the industrial run off that finds it’s way in to our waterways every day. To mention the catastrophic effect that blue indigo dye (from the denim industry) has on our water ways is just one of the many industries to place a magnifying glass upon.

And then there’s the extreme end of the spectrum … fracking.

All of this is before we delve in to the way our drinking water is extracted, transported, stored and packaged in plastic bottles swimming in a sea of xeno-estrogens.

It’s enough to make any sane person cry. And yes, I do weep about the choices that the ‘powers that be’ inflict upon our so-called democratic societies.

Yes, I’m a little peeved about the state of our water, and get incredibly excited when I meet people who teach me how to improve the quality of my drinking water at home.

So, let’s go back to the beginning where I started with my overwhelming sense of gratitude … I often feel that I have been gifted an extraordinary life, in that my husband and I get to travel the world meeting people who are at the leading edge of what they do. My husband’s dear friend – Mike Booth – has been working on, and refining water purification methods for over 30 years, and much of my understanding about water has come from what he’s shared with me, via the practices and technology that Mike’s implemented within his Aura-Soma lab to ensure the highest quality water is used within their products.

The most recent wisdom that I’ve learnt about water has come from quantum physicist Dieter Jossner, who we had the honour of spending the day with, at his home in Germany. A man who, in one day, opened my eyes and curiosity to an entire new way of looking at water, the human body and what’s possible.  

And then there’s the numerous books that I’ve been recommended to read over the years, one of the most notable by Gerald Pollack.

Following are a few tips that I've learnt about water so far, that you can implement in to your life straight away.

  • Avoid drinking (and storing) water in plastic bottles. Choose glass instead.
  • Avoid drinking unfiltered tap water. Invest in a good quality filter. 
  • Choose rainwater or spring water as a first choice.
  • Irrespective of whether the water supply is rainwater, spring water or tap water, or another source, an effective water filter is imperative to remove pathogens (bacteria, viruses etc), pesticide residue, chlorine, fluoride and heavy metals. I personally prefer the combination of the Doulton (ceramic) and Aquaspace (charcoal) under-the-sink filters that can be purchased Australia-wide from The Water Shop, and fitted under any kitchen sink.
  • Water can be ‘living’ or ‘dead’. With most drinking water being ‘dead’. This is a new ‘learning’ that I’m delving in to, after finding out that water needs to be constantly moving in a natural flow to remain ‘living’. To re-liven your water, there are a few options out there. At home, we have a photon and vortex machine that brings life back to the rainwater that has been stored in our tanks for months. They’re not so easy to obtain. We purchased ours from Switzerland. More readily available are the ceramic egg-shaped water vessels that enable the water to be constantly moving inside, mimicking the phenomena of nature, and easily placed on your kitchen bench.

Considering how crucial water is to the health of our body, mind and being ... water, as far as I'm aware, is the very first place to start when it comes to daily self-care or in more extreme instances, 'healing' any state of dis-ease.

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