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Jenna Louise | Multi-Discipline & Performance Athlete

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Jenna Louise | Multi-Discipline & Performance Athlete

I live a very high speed life and knowing when to slow down is a matter of releasing the ego and tuning in but at times I can be a little late to the game, before I know it I'm deep down in that burnout hole of mood swings, irritability, fatigue and brain fog just to name a few.

From week 3 - 4 in to taking Be Genki BALANCE journey of two capsules twice a day, all of a sudden I began noticing the shifts. I had consistently been rather ’neutral’, no major highs or lows, just a nice flow of ME. I also noticed my deep sleep improving by 30 - 60 minutes a night which is HUGE since I have always had troubles getting adequate rest. Which also means my recovery has improved which has a massive flow on effect onto my every day life, my training routine and energy levels over all.

My body feels more at home, more attached to its feminine and I can confidently say I am feeling more and more empowered by my own body's abilities every damn day thanks to Be Genki.

- Jenna LouiseFitness Expert . Master Trainer . Nutrition Coach . Athlete .  Business Owner . Ambassador . Founder of The Jenna Louise brand