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Wilda Fox | Fitness Trainer

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Wilda Fox | Fitness Trainer

I barely even noticed my PMS!

"Since my teenage years I’ve been suffering from stress and hormonal imbalance, especially at that “time of the month” .. But recently I’ve been feeling on top of the world!

Why? Well, I heard about this product called BALANCE by Be Genki and with it being an all natural supplement supposed to support healthy stress response and optimum reproductive hormone levels vital for women’s health and overall wellbeing it really was a no brainer for me, I just had to give it a go.

6 weeks in to taking the 2 X 2 capsules a day and I can genuinely say I have felt a significant difference and for the first time in years I barely even noticed my PMS!

I honestly am impressed with the results so far and urge any woman to give it a go as I know far too many out there who suffers from hormone related stress, anxiety and depression whether that is diagnosed or more around the time of the month your hormone balance change. This is something natural that actually might help you! No chemicals, no side effect - nothing nasty!" 

- Wilda Fox | Fitness Trainer