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Revitalising Exfoliant & Mask (30g) - Be Genki

Revitalising Exfoliant & Mask (30g)


Regular use of this botanical clay blend will leave your skin feeling as smooth as a baby's bottom. A once-a-week treat to balance your complexion, soften the appearance of fine lines and pigmentation, and calm even the most sensitive of skins.

Your Ritual

Once (or twice) a week, after cleansing your skin with our Purifying Cleansing Oil, mix one teaspoon of the powder with equal parts water to form a softening mousse. Massage gently on to damp skin with your fingertips. Sit back and relax for 10 – 15 minutes whilst the botanical clay blend revitalises your complexion.

Rinse in the shower for ease, or over the basin with warm water. Follow with a spritz of the Intense Hydration Treatment and Rejuvenating Beauty Oil.


white kaolin French clay*, rose petal (rosa centifolia) flower*, hibiscus (hibiscus sabdariffa) flower*, elderflower (sambuccus nigra)*, marshmallow (althea officinalis) root*.

* organic ingredients.  

Certified by Choose Cruelty Free. Certified by Safe Cosmetics Australia.  

Ingredient Properties

White kaolin French clay

The mildest of the clays, white kaolin is renowned for helping to purify, cleanse and detoxify the skin for an overall revitalised appearance. Prized for it's soothing and softening effects, this oh so gentle mineral powder effectively balances oil production, calms inflamed acne-prone skin and is suitable for even the most sensitive of skins. Our supplier of kaolin crushes the mineral with absolutely NO chemical additives whatsoever.

Rose petal powder

The Queen of flowers, rose has been adored for centuries, and long been used to treat all skin concerns, especially dry or ageing skin, as well as remedying redness or inflammation. Regular use of this antioxidant-rich flower is renowned for helping to tighten the skin and slow down the appearance of ageing, stimulating collagen production, and minimising the appearance of fine lines, pigmentation and blemishes.  

Hibiscus flower powder

You've most likely seen this bright beauty on tropical islands when you're horizontal on a deck chair looking up at a coconut tree with the ocean breeze caressing your skin. Perhaps you've plucked one to place behind your ears? We love hibiscus for the effective exfoliating and purifying actions that help to encourage a fresh, smooth, flawless looking complexion. You can thank the natural content of  alpha-hydroxy acids (AHAs) and antioxidants that help to protect the skin from environmental stressors and help to minimise the appearance of pores.

Elderflower powder

This pretty little creamy white flower is bursting with antioxidants, vitamins and flavonoids to help balance excess oil production to prevent breakouts, whilst softening and smoothing fine lines at the same time. We're continually amazed at how oh-so-clever nature is. Especially when it comes to promoting a healthy, clear, firm complexion. 

Marshmallow root powder

Not to be mistaken for those white fluffy soft and sweet campfire favourites, marshmallow root is something quite different. Revered by herbalists for centuries this plant powder is loved for it's anti-inflammatory properties, helping to calm redness and irritation whilst improving hydration. The ultimate skin soother.

All ingredients are sourced from reputable and ethical suppliers, each independently certified by the ACO (Australian Certified Organic). This ensures that no toxicity or contaminants are present. We wouldn’t have it any other way.