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100% pure and organic essential oils.
From steamy showers and oil burners, to fragrant bed sheets and aromatic massages, there are countless ways to use essential oils and even more ways to benefit from using them.

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One last thing
Please Take Care: Essential Oil Safety

1) We do not recommend applying 100% pure essential oil directly to the skin. Whilst certain oils can work wonders being applied directly to your skin, it’s not recommended you experiment. Your skin is important. If you wish to benefit from using essential oils on your skin, go for our Body Oil or Roll-On Oil, as they were designed especially for that kind of safe contact.

2) Avoid swallowing our essential oil blends. Though some essential oils are great for the inside, others can be extremely toxic for the body. This is not an experiment you should find out for yourself.

3) Keep the essential oil baths and showers for the grown ups. Babies and toddlers tend to see bath time as playtime, which could mean they splash the essential oils into their eyes or mouth. Neither are pleasant experiences. It can also be a bit too heavy on their delicate skin. If you want to give them a Be genki experience, we recommend adding our Body Oils to the water for a softer, safer experience instead.