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Love Letters

We like to share the love. And we love when others do, too.
These are some of our favourite love letters.

Sarina Zoe

I am so glad I discovered Be genki. What a fabulous brand. The Be genki Body Oil has become a divine post-shower daily ritual that I can not live without! What a fantastic dry body oil and the subtle scent is like a soft, warm blanket all day long. Every time I use it and the label marks a little more, it reminds me of what you described on your site about how we are imperfectly perfect. I love that branding simplicity. It's actually so powerful, and I embrace the label that now bears the marks of its use in my morning ritual. Thank you for creating such a fab product.

Leigh Campbell
executive editor, Mamamia

Because I’m vegetarian, people assume I’m a tree hugging hippy. Far from it! I try to make choices in my life that are good for the plant and everything in it, but ultimately they need to work, and I need to enjoy using them. That’s why I love the Be genki range. I know the products tick all the right boxes (cruelty free, organic, and all that jazz) but more than that, they are luxurious formulas that feel incredible and perform exceptionally. Best of all, it’s all Australian owned and made. What’s not to love? 

Megan Gale
photographed by David Gubert

It’s probably safe to say that I have more than enough products in my bathroom cabinet. I am quite happy to admit that I possibly have an addiction to beauty products or if not an addiction to them I’m addicted to unearthing and discovering new ones. Fortunately for me, I am in the very lucky position that I get sent products to try from time to time and one of the very generous people that spoilt me rotten in this respect was Sam Sample, the founder and owner of Be genki. Not all products blow me away nor are they vastly different from anything else out there. But with Be genki, I have stumbled across something special, that’s right up my alley! Great quality products that are natural, which, incidentally are not tested on animals … and that makes me SO genki!!!

Sarah Murdoch

Thank you so much for sending your beautiful Be genki products over. I actually received a sample from a show and thought it a great brand. The products look great and I look forward to enjoying them. Good luck with it all and thanks again.

Sharon McGlinchey
founder of MV Organic Skincare & one of Australia’s leading skin therapists

Sam is a beautiful woman who walks her talk. When we first met she could have easily viewed me as a competitor – instead she encouraged me and commended me for my commitment. We share the same beliefs and values along with a passion for clean and healthy skincare.

Katrina Lawrence

I first met the delightful Sam way back, just as she was about to launch Be Genki. I instantly knew she was going to be a beauty star – I mean, the girl literally glows head-to-toe – and that Be Genki would soon hit cult status. Deservedly so: there aren’t many body care ranges that are so exquisitely luxurious while also being so caring to our Earth (and the furry creatures that co-inhabit it). Over the years I have tried – and loved – all of Sam’s products.

Bianca Cheah
and the gorgeous girls at Sporteluxe

We’ve got a diffuser in the Sporteluxe office that’s always got some beautiful scent wafting out of it. Our new fave is this zingy blend from Be genki. You shouldn’t judge a beauty product by its bottle, but we must admit to being a little in love with the gorgeous packaging! Luckily, the gentle-yet-hydrating ingredients inside live up to the beautiful label.

Shari Tagliabue
editor of the Townsville Bulletin

Since many brands are manufactured by massive multinational companies … it’s fitting to support the sisterhood (cue blokes to roll eyes here) and celebrate some of our amazing homegrown brands created by women, that focus solely on our beauty and skincare needs. … Then there’s Sam Sargent, founder of Be Genki, the animal-, environment-, everything-friendly brand of products that form the core of her holistic approach to health and happiness. Sam practices what she preaches. Her latest project, Be Naturallyou, is a go-to website that features beauty, lifestyle and nutrition information. And while I mightn’t be quite as committed to the body as a temple idea as Sam is (Hi, i’m Shari, makeup junkie, Coke Zero and Twisties addict), Be Genki’s Face Mists are a perfect example of how you can tailor this luxe range of ethical, effective products to suit your day-to-day life.


Amina Kitching
founder of Safe Cosmetics Australia

This carefully planned and well executed skin and body care range is by far superior quality that will delight your senses, soothe your troubles and take you away from daily stresses in a simple splash of oil. I can’t say it enough just how fantastic these products really are. You will not be disappointed. Be Genki’s holistic approach to formulating essential oil products that work to enlighten your mood are somewhat addictive. You will certainly look forward to taking time out several times a day for a quick refreshing spray of facial mist. Works instantly to soothe, hydrate and enhance mood.


Cathy Tolpigin
organic makeup artist

As an Organic Makeup Artist I love nothing more than to support brands that are high performance, packed with organic and natural skin loving ingredients, cruelty free and gentle on the environment. Sam's beautiful Be Genki range ticks all my boxes and there is so much passion and love in all that she does. In life sometime we need a toolkit to help us along. Sam is always on hand to help match you up with the perfect self care ritual and she has helped me choose for my family and friends. Thanks to Sam's advice I treated my friend who is 6 months pregnant with her 3rd child and is having trouble sleeping to the Face Mist and Body Oil. Sam was very knowledgable about which products and essential oils were safe to use during pregnancy. My friend has been loving them. 


Clare Hillier 
Checks and Spots

I like brands that take the road less travelled – like Be genki. With most beauty products there is a lot of fluff and not much substance. Be genki on the other hand takes a holistic view and advocates wellness on a physical, emotional and spiritual level. After all, ‘genki’ is Japanese for being happy, healthy, positive and in harmony. What initially piqued my interested was that their products are made from GM-free natural ingredients and contain no synthetic colours, fillers, fragrances, parabens, mineral oils or petrochemicals. Hallelujah! It’s their attitude though that has held my curiosity. In fact, all summer I have been using the Be Genki Face Mist. Every time I pick it up and see the label it makes me think about what actually makes me happy. For me, it’s all about love. It’s being with the people I love. It’s spending time doing the things I love. And it’s my love of newness – new ideas, new people, new opinions, new experiences.

 Jess Ainscough 
The Wellness Warrior

Coming from a background in magazines my cupboards were always crammed with beauty products. We had the stuff on tap. Not only did I have ever imaginable lip gloss, eye shadow, mascara, eyeliner, primer, bronzer, concealer, face cream, eye cream, cleanser, toner, mask – oh, it’s exhausting just thinking about my old morning routine – but I also had no less than 40 bottles of perfume. I had so many that I would use them as toilet spray! When I was diagnosed with cancer, and took a vow of pure living, I had to give it all away. I’ve clung to a couple of bottles of perfume (for reminiscing sake, and because a bottle of Narcisco Rodriguez is just too good to pass on) but the rest has gone. It has been replaced with just a few key items. It took me a while to discover the best quality, all natural and organic products on the market (there is a whole lot of green washing out there we need to be careful of), but so far I’ve narrowed my selection down to the following. Favourite for body care: Be genki.

On February 26th 2015, the world lost one of its brightest sparks. After 30 years, 7 of which were spent thriving with cancer, Jess Ainscough peacefully passed away.


Miann Scanlan
Style & Wellbeing life enthusiast

I slathered myself in the Be genki body oil after my shower last night and I seriously kept catching beautiful whifs of the scent as I was falling asleep. Heavenly. I am obsessed with the intoxicating smell.

Amy Crawford
The Holistic Ingredient

As someone who has always had much difficulty slowing down, I need to make a concerted effort to do so each day. The gorgeous Be Genki range of products have helped me create a beautiful, calming ritual around this down time. Thank you Be Genki for inspiring me and supporting this process, you have become such a pleasure in my day.


I only needed 4 drops of the Be Genki Oil Blend and the warm steam made my bath water smell like a fairy forest and flower meadow. It was absolutely impossible to have negative thoughts in an environment like this. Applying the quickly absorbed golden Be Genki body oil I literally went to bed with this kind of fantasy. I am not able to pick a favourite in this line as I am pretty convinced they work best as a team. The amazing organic Be Genki candle burns when I take a bath, study and before sleep.

Ea Birkkam, The Silent White


I have been massaging the Be Genki body oil into my 2 year old and for the first time in many many months she is sleeping through the night. It is a relief to find a product and blend of oils that has helped with Georgie’s restlessness at night and my own anxiety surrounding it.

Melanie, Australia

I first discovered Be genki years ago in a little store called Mariposa (in Mount Lawley Perth) – you were there launching the range. Years down the track and over time I have religiously used the whole Be genki range of essential oils in my oil burners throughout the house. I have also used the body oils and find they are not only amazing for my skin but it goes so much deeper as to what they provide for me sub consciously, for my state of mind. Just recently I tried the Be Genki face mist (on your recommendation also!) and fell in absolute love! It is an amazing product, I would go as far to say that it is the best mist I have ever used and I couldn’t help but continually spritz :) I would just like to say that you have made a difference in my life – you have opened my eyes into what it is I am actually using on my skin, and how there are many ways to introduce self love and care on a daily basis. Thank you Sam! You are always so helpful in your advice, have such an amazingly positive outlook and seem just an all round amazing person!

Katie, Australia

My parcel from Be Genki arrived, thank you for including the beautiful unexpected (and v generous) Be genki oil. I love it. I'm working at my desk with the candle nearby and have rubbed a little of the Be Genki oil on my temples and chakras. Bliss. Thank you for such a wonderful online communication and shopping experience. I'm totally serene now. You are amazing by the way - I've worked for more than 30 years locally and abroad and your customer service is outstanding. I don't see if often but when I do, I acknowledge it because it's a rare quality. So thank you for making my day. Namaste.

Anne, Australia

I became aware of your beautiful products from a magazine article and then was given the essential oil “Be Serene”. In the past I have not handled stress of my day to day life very well. I have now created a ritual to burn this oil at work and home. I now take 5 minutes out to reassess why I am feeling the way I am and visualise ways in which l I will deal with the stresses. Thank you from the bottom of my unstressed body!

Monique, Australia

I enjoyed the serene candle and oil blend a few times since they arrived last week. I love them so much. My only regret is that I didn't buy multiples of each (backups) with my first order! Happy thoughts and thanks for sharing such exquisite products.

Anne, Australia

Hi Sam - I can only assume you are Sam due to your embracing demeanour, kindness and patience today at the Williamstown Seaworks - I just wanted to say thank you for all your patience while my daughter in law and I challenged your scents and came back repeatedly, despite purchasing nothing, you sat smiling beautifully. You are a credit to your craft and I believe it is a kindness to give credit where it is due. I am not placing an order, but may do in the future. We have your card. Just wanted to say keep on going. You exude a beautiful soul. Kind regards and wishing you magnitudes of sales from two happy potential customers whose hands still smell amazing!

Jennifer and Kristy, Australia