by Kimberley Utama


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My Little Animal was written by Kimberley Utama for her son Phoenix Fox.

Pictured are the first 5 pages.

The perfect gift for mums, dads and mums-to-be.

My little Animal is a colorful children's book that allows children to use imagination and play as they visualize themselves with the animals within the story. Do you know a little animal?


"Phoenix's love for books and story time is our favourite way to end the day. Every night we go through his selection of children's books that have been borrowed or bought along the way.

"Watching the joy and sheer delight from story time inspired me to become a part of our nightly ritual. When writing "My Little Animal" I was certain that it must have rhyme, rhythm and repetition which were all things that Phoenix loved from his other storybooks.

"This children's book is a reminder of all the different little animals that children can become throughout their day. I hope you and yours will find as much enjoyment and entertainment from it as our family has done." - With love and gratitude Kimberley Utama

So ... yes, I am completely and utterly 100% biased. My Little Animal was written for my nephew by my oh so talented sister-in-law. But all that aside, it is without a doubt the cutest little children's book I've ever read. It's a beautiful gift for new mums and dads.