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SIZE: 45 x 73 cm | 17.7 x 28.7 in

221 lotuses

The PRANALINE pranamat is created for personal use with 100% natural materials, making it the only acupressure mat on the market that can claim superior design, superior quality and eco-components.

COVER: 100% linen

LOTUSES: 100% H.I.P.S. (highest quality plastic so that the lotus spikes don't bend)

FILLER: 100% coconut fiber

FILLER COVER: 100% cotton

No glue is used to attach the spikes (lotuses). The dyes used in coloring fabrics for Pranamat do NOT contain AZO. No rubber foam used as a filler. Nature- and human-friendly. Non-allergic materials

The PRANALINE pranamat is created for personal use with 100% natural materials, making it the only acupressure mat on the market that can claim superior design, superior quality and eco-components. The pranamat is a wonderful acupressure tool for self-healing, relaxation and revitilisation that restores the energy flow of your body. It is a combination of ancient wisdom, bio design and modern technologies.

The pranamat is based on the principles of acupressure and reflexology, and works on the premise that the tiny lotus spikes stimulate active nerve centres and intensify the local blood flow and lymph circulation. This reflective action triggers the release of endorphins - a natural pain killer and happiness hormones – that are effective in blocking pain, and producing analgesia and a sense of wellbeing.

REGULAR USE OF THE PRANAMAT may help you to relax and stimulate a quicker self-healing process of your body by:

  • increasing your level of energy
  • helping with depression and stress
  • acting as a powerful pain killer
  • easing muscle spasms, reducing muscle tension, and easing spinal problems.
  • compensating for lack of physical activity (e.g. plane flights, prolonged travel by car, prolonged work at the computer, illnesses connected with immobility)
  • helping to improve metabolism and help to reduce fat and cellulite

    Try to choose a place where you will not be disturbed. Put the acupressure pranamat on your bed or floor. Since many people tend to lose track of time and fall asleep while lying on the acupressure pranamat, you may wish to set an alarm just before starting. Remember – for the first 5 to 20 minutes the pranamat acts as an energizer, and after 25 minutes it acts as a relaxant. For stress relief, pain killing or other specific usage please look at our choice of programs. Our advice is that you lie on the acupressure pranamat approximately 30-40 minutes. But if you feel like laying on the acupressure pranamat longer or even to sleep on it – it is safe. Daily usage of the acupressure pranamat is strongly recommended for rapid health results.

    The most common position is to lie on your back on the acupressure pranamat. The nerves branch out from the back to the rest of the body, which means that a back treatment affects the whole body. However, the mat can be used on specific areas of the body. If the room is cool, you may also wish to place a blanket nearby so you can easily cover yourself. Lie down slowly and carefully, leaning on your arms for temporary support. Relax! Try not to move around. Sit back up and lie down again if you wish to alter your position.

    You might experience some discomfort during the first moments due to the new sensation. However, any discomfort will subside after 2-4 minutes. The feeling will shift to a warm sensation with light pressure. After using the acupressure pranamat a few times, you will be longing to come back home from work and lie down on it, as it is such a relief after a stressful day!

    When your alarm sounds or you wish to get up, sit up by reversing your actions when lying down. You may feel many new sensations after waking up. This shows effective local blood flow increase, but will gradually subside. Some people even consider it very uncomfortable at first. That’s OK. It means the acupressure pranamat is doing its job. This is exactly how it works! You will feel the discomfort gradually decreasing in one to four minutes. Remember: it’s worth it!

    The first time you lie on the mat you may want to use a special cloth to soften the pressure of the nails. We experience pressure differently depending on the shape and weight of our body. Using the acupressure pranamat should feel nicely painful, but not too painful. The lotuses on the mat have rounded tips and cannot harm you if you are using it properly. The main rule of lying on the mat is applying the weight of the body evenly over the whole surface of the mat.

    You can choose to use it with or without a special linen cloth on the top of the lotuses. You can use the acupressure pranamat 4-5 days a week or, in cases of pain or treating a disease, it can be used for 21 days straight and then allowing your body to rest for 1 week followed by usage 2-4 times a week. Your body needs some rest to avoid addiction. Using the acupressure pranamat is like a massage; you do not use it every day.

    We strongly and sincerely recommend you to lay on the pranamat without any clothes on – it will give you more benefits.

    I was introduced to the Pranaline Pranamat a number of years ago and LOVED the sound of it as I spend a large portion of my day working on the laptop, and as a result tension is sometimes held within my shoulders and back. So after much anticipation a box arrived from Europe and I excitedly tore apart the packaging to inspect every little detail. The quality and materials instantly won my heart as everything had been thought of to place the Pranaline brand in a league of it’s own. It’s that same old story … you get what you pay for. High quality materials and finishings that undoubtedly ensure that the product will stay in great shape for years and years. After laying on the Pranamat for 30 minutes I sincerely noticed the relaxation effect it had on my body and mind, similar to a meditation session. For 6 weeks I used the pranamat religiously to help make the transition from ‘working day’ to ‘relaxed evening’ and it certainly helped. What really surprised me was when I woke up with not much energy one day. Remembering that the Pranamat can also be used as a tool to help increase your energy levels I thought, “why not give it a go”. After 20 minutes of laying on the Pranamat I stood up and was impressively surprised that my energy levels were indeed restored. Wow, this thing actually does what it says it does. It’s now 10+ years on, and I’m still as much in love with my spiky little friend as I was when we first met. Whenever I’m a little stressed, I lay on it for 30 minutes and focus on my breathing and every time without fail I get up feeling more relaxed. Whenever I can’t get to sleep at night I lay on it in bed and 90% of the time end up falling asleep on it. Joy! Whenever I have that oh-so-lovely lower back pain around “moon time”, I pull out the Pranamat and lay on it and it magically helps dissipate the pain. I don’t know what I’d do without the Pranaline Pranamat in my life. I still have the same Pranamat that I bought over 10+ years ago and it's in just as good condition as the day I bought it.