Be Serene: The Collection
When it’s all getting to be too much, reach for Be Serene to calm down, re-centre and wash away any stress or nervous tension.
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This unique blend of 100% pure and certified organic essential oils are renowned for their relaxing, calming and uplifting effects on the body and mind. Be Serene combines palmarosa, rose geranium, patchouli, neroli and rose otto and it's as calming as swaying between two palm trees.

Soothe Stress & Tension
Hydrate & Nourish Skin
Ease Anxiety

Smells like...
A luxurious and uplifting, yet opulently-earthy aroma. Sweet, ethereal and floral notes. Joyful, light and lemony-fresh rosy scent.

Included in collection
100% Pure Essential Oil Blend
Roll-on Essential Oil Blend
Body Oil
Face Mist

For a limited time only
The Be Serene Face Mist 50ml (RRP$38) is included free of charge when you buy the Be Serene Collection.

"This is my go to oil to relax after my day. It subtly calms me down naturally."
- Lee, Melbourne

PRICE: $97.00

Details Ingredients About
"This product has helped with my daughter in-laws anxiety as well as her daughter's. Really recommend this product."
- Robin, Tasmania


Soothe stress and nervous tension
Quieten anxiety
Hydrate and nourish your skin
Deter adrenal fatigue
Support your central nervous system
Make your room smell lovely

Your Ritual

100% Pure Oil Blend. Simply remove the lid and inhale gently. Or better still infuse the scent through your home with a diffuser, letting the botanicals fill your room and your senses as you breathe in and out. I like using it in the bath each night. I sprinkle a few drops in the water, lie back and wash away my worries.

Body Oil. Enhances the appearance of dry and sun damaged skin while helping to ease anxiety and nervous tension. Massage the oil into your body after bathing and use this opportunity to give your body a little gratitude. Letting go of any judgments. You’re imperfectly perfect. And that’s perfectly OK.

Roll-On Oil Blend. Ideal for moments when you need to calm the chaos and curb the crazy. Use it to press the pause button on life, so that you can create a quiet moment for yourself when it’s all getting to be too much. A gentle roll onto your wrist is all it takes to slow down and recentre. Close your eyes, bring your wrists to your face and breathe in the soul soothing botanicals.

Face Mist. You’re on a deadline, stuck in a traffic jam, or getting ready for a date. Nervous tension is pulsating through your body. Next, come the negative thoughts. There's no better way to create a quiet moment for yourself and help gather your thoughts than with a gentle spritz of the Be Genki Face Mist. It hydrates your skin and feels like standing on the edge of a rock pool at the base of a glorious waterfall in a northern NSW rainforest.

Natural Stress Relief

Be Serene is specifically designed to help relieve stress and anxiety -- naturally. When you inhale the scent of our certified organic essential oils, the receptors in your nose relay messages to the limbic system, the part of your brain that regulates emotions and you’ll experience relaxing, calming and uplifting effects on the body and mind.

Certified Organic oils. This means the plant is stronger with a more robust immune system and a higher count of active phytonutrients in the oil. The result? The most effective natural stress relieving oil blend on the planet.

The indigenous effect. The plants grow in the location where they naturally thrive and therefore have a higher % of actives with beneficial properties.

Handmade With Love

We care about the energy that we transfer in to each blend of oils because we want you to receive the most beneficial and balanced products possible. This isn't something you can do when you mass produce oils with machinery. It requires a conscious choice and a human touch.

We "cleanse" our oils. When we receive our ingredients, we position the oils within a giant one-metre-tall amethyst crystal cave for 24 hours. We then blend all our products in a special Be genki lab, surrounded by rose quartz, quartz, citrine and amethyst crystals. Superstition or not, it’s our way of making sure we give you the best quality products.

The human touch. We pour all of our oils by hand because an automated machine is lifeless and mechanical and against the natural flow of life and energy.

Built On Love, Trust & Integrity

As a business we believe we have a responsibility to be the change that we wish to see in the world. We believe that every choice we make has an impact. We may feel like we are just one little person, but this is so far from the truth. Our choices matter.

Ethical and sustainably farmed oils. Not only are these oils the most effective, but conventional farming methods endanger bees, the waterways and the planet. We don't support the use of pesticides.

We care about how people are treated. We must be able to look each and every one of our customers in the eye and speak honestly from the heart that we have the most pure and effective products currently available. Without compromise.

What Experts Are Saying!

“This delicious all-natural, chemical-free home and body care range is pumped with mood-altering essential oils.” - Sigourney Cantelo, Beauticate

“Be Genki’s Face Mists are a perfect example of how you can tailor this luxe range of ethical, effective products to suit your day-to-day life.” - Townsville Bulletin

“The Be genki Serene Body Oil has become a divine post-shower daily ritual that I can not live without! What a fantastic dry body oil and the subtle scent is like a soft, warm blanket all day long.” - Sarina Zoe, Pravayama

Full List of Ingredients:

Are your essential oils 100% pure grade?
All Be genki essential oils comply with high standards of appearance, colour, odour, and undergo in-depth GCMS testing to produce chromatographic profiles for the various components within each essential oil that ensures therapeutic quality assurance, purity of natural elements and the assurance that no toxicity or contaminants are present.

Are your ingredients organic?
We source all of our botanical ingredients - oils, essential oils, hydrosols, macerations and supercritical extracts - from reputable and ethical suppliers, all independently certified by the ACO (Australian Certified Organic) and OFC (Organic Food Chain). The only exception is our wild crafted sandalwood oil sourced from a sustainable grower in Australia; and our wild crafted Immortelle essential oil sourced from a reputable grower in Corsica.

Are your products toxin-free?
We are approved and endorsed by Australian Certified Toxic-Free. We do not include ANY toxins. We do not include any botanicals from genetically modified crops. And we do not choose any natural ingredients sourced from conventional farms because we do not support the use of pesticides.

How are your products made?
Every single Be Genki product is hand poured in small-batches to ensure that the energy is as clean and pure as possible. We believe in the validity of quantum physics and energy transference. So, we only make Be Genki products when we’re feeling joyful after meditation. Furthermore, part of our ritual, once all the organic oils arrive, is to position them within a giant one-metre-tall amethyst crystal cave for 24 hours (yes, I’m serious). We then blend all our products surrounded by rose quartz, quartz, citrine, shungite and amethyst crystals. Superstition or not, it’s our way of making sure we give you the best quality and best balanced products possible.

Are your ingredients indigenous?
We go to great lengths to source each ingredient from reputable suppliers who cultivate each plant in the region where it naturally thrives and as a natural effect, providing potent actives when harvested for your benefit.

Are your cosmetics safe and tested?
We are a Safe Cosmetics ‘Champion’. Which means that we’ve met all of the requirements set by the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics. Furthermore, we have our products independently certified by a third party lab to meet the strict laws for cosmetic safety set by the European Union. This is not a requirement in Australia but one that we felt was the responsible action to take. When we say we care about your wellbeing, we mean it by the actions we take.

What are your products packaged in?
Oils are volatile and susceptible to light. So we choose to house all of our products in Miron violet glass as it is the only glass in the world that ensures the potency and life force of the ingredients are protected for you to experience fresh once opened.

Are your products cruelty-free?
We have been certified Cruelty-Free every year since launching Be Genki and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Are your products vegan?
We do not use any animal derivatives.

Are your products made in Australia?
We're Australian made and owned. It’s how we get to guarantee everything that comes in and everything that goes out our warehouse is the best quality.

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5 of 5 Helped with my daughter in-laws anxiety August 2, 2019
Reviewer: Robin Silk from Cygnet, TAS Australia  
This product has helped with my daughter in-laws anxiety as well as her daughter's. Really recommend this product.

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4 of 5 Lovely products July 27, 2019
Reviewer: yvonne a from Tasmania Australia  
I am very happy with the Be Serene range of products, the body oil leaves my skin feeling very nourished and nurtured without an oily residue.
The Be Radiant product I gave to my partner who suffers from  rosacea on his face,  within days of using it, I saw an improvement.
I am a naturopath and now recommend  BeGenki to my clients.

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  0 of 0 people found the following review helpful:
5 of 5 Be Serene Body Oil May 24, 2019
Reviewer: lynda belfit from River Ranch, QLD Australia  
Absolutely love the body oil  after a bath and scrub
My skin felt amazingly smooth and the scent just
Unbelievably beautiful.. love love it
Thank you so much

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  0 of 0 people found the following review helpful:
5 of 5 A little bit of wonderful (and excellent value). May 5, 2019
Reviewer: Nicky W.  
In adoration of these collection which boasts a symphony of the same botanical extracts but imbues different fragrance depending on whether I choose to use the body oil, body mist or essential oil blend. A little bit of wonderful (and excellent value).

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  1 of 1 people found the following review helpful:
5 of 5 Great gift! March 22, 2019
Reviewer: Anonymous Person  
Passed this one on as a gift and they over the moon about the product. They absolutely love it.

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