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Call us proud Mums because we love them all. Our intention is to make sure every product is made with love and joy with the highest quality organic ingredients.

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Be genki Serene body oil does more than hydrate. A calming blend of essential oils softens your skin and helps you to let go of any anxious behaviour. You’ll feel like you just spent a week meditating on a mountain top. Be Serene Body Oil
PRICE: $38.00

When things seem dark, let this be the light at the end of the tunnel. It’s where you can turn to when you need to fill your space with a gentle, calming aroma, and your body with relaxing, positive thoughts. Be Serene Candle
PRICE: $38.00

Negative thoughts and nervous tension can creep in when you need it least; on a deadline, in a traffic jam, before a date. A gentle spritz is a simple way to create a quiet moment for yourself so you can gather your thoughts and get back to you. Be Serene Face Mist
PRICE: $28.00

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