Organic Sweet Orange Essential Oil (10ml)
Be genki 100% pure and organic sweet orange oil smells like a lady wearing a beautiful apron and peeling oranges in Italy.
We all love a fresh glass of OJ at breakfast, but we love this essential oil a little bit more. It offers mild sedative, relaxing and antidepressant properties, making it great in the treatment of insomnia and nervousness. As for your skin, it works to sooth dry, irritated and acne-prone skin, and regenerate aging skin.

How to use:
For mood / emotional enhancement: Add a few drops to an oil burner or diffuser. Alternatively add 1 drop to a handkerchief and inhale as needed.

For healthy skin: Add 1 drop to your regular moisturiser / body lotion.
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Details Ingredients
Botanical name: citrus sinensis
Plant part: peel
Extraction method: steam distilled
Country of origin: Italy

Smells like: A lady wearing a beautiful apron and peeling oranges in Italy.

Why you need it: An energising mood booster
A wonderful mood booster, Sweet Orange Essential Oil is uplifting and energising while offering mild sedative properties to help with nervous conditions and insomnia. Also contains powerful anti-oxidants which help skin conditions such dry, irritated and acne prone skin, while delivering anti-aging properties. If you are looking for a way to uplift and energise your mood, this oil is for you.

Renowned to be beneficial for:
- Increasing energy
- Lifting moods
- Skin conditions
- Nervous System
- Insomnia

Skin Care Benefits:
- Dry skin
- Acne Skin
- Irritated skin

Emotional Benefits:
- Uplifting
- Energising
- May help to calm the nervous system
- May help to reduce insomnia

Contraindications: Please consult your health care professional if you have any health conditions or are taking medication.

Your Ritual

There are plenty things you can do with essential oils. Here are a few suggestions:
Burn over an oil burner.
Splash a few drops into the bath to enhance the aromas.
Add a few drops to a steamy shower.
Massage a drop or two into your skin with your favourite body oil or serum.
Add a few drops when washing your sheets.

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