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Our Founder

Samantha Sargent

Our founder, Samantha Sargent, has earnt a reputation for being a respected expert and leader within the natural health and beauty industry. With 20+ years of industry experience, various professional accreditations, and regularly being interviewed for her expert advice to be featured in Australian, American, and British magazines, and other media. To name a few:

‘The natural beauty buff’

By Vogue Australia Magazine

‘The holistic skincare expert’

by Women’s Health & Fitness magazine

‘One of the visionaries who are making a difference to your shopping habits’

By Instyle Magazine

Samantha has been a contributor with the following titles:

• Pamper Guru for NineMSN
• Relaxation Expert for SpringDay
• Wellbeing contributor for Postscript Interactive – The Professional Resource for Pharmacy Assistants
• Wellbeing Expert for Foxtel’s Lifestyle YOU
Samantha hand-picks every product we stock, and you can trust that at Be Genki, every product sourced, stocked and sold, upholds a promise of being natural, organic, and selected consciously to provide high performing results and love to your whole being.
Responsive Two-Column Layout

If you’re interested in who Samantha is personally, and what steppingstones she has walked to inspire her to create Be Genki, here’s Sam, in her own words:
I am a whole-istic nutritionist. I enjoy making fresh seasonal choices for my daily diet and skin care rituals. I am an optimist. I have a consuming love for the beach, countryside, and nature. I see myself as the most fortunate woman alive to wake up next to my husband each day. A man who makes me laugh almost every day, who I fall more in love with as each day passes, and who just so happens to be the best hemp mylk coffee maker in the universe. I am wholeheartedly in love with my two Belgian Malinois girls who fill my days with laughs. I am also crazy in love with pigs, birds and horses. I studied make-up artistry, skin care and image training.
I also studied to be a personal trainer. No matter what time of day it is, you’ll always find me sipping on a cup of herbal tea. I am constantly amazed at the healing powers of essential oils both physically and emotionally. I love to practice Pilates. I love to walk on the beach and countryside with bare feet on the land. I love to watch nature. I love to sun gaze in the mornings and gaze up at the stars in the evenings. I am forever grateful for the lovely emails that I receive from people who have been “touched” by my brand, Be Genki.
I’m also forever grateful for the wisdom that I have learnt from my greatest source of inspiration – Don Tolman. There is no truer truth than what Don shares with the world, and I always refer to his recommendations first and foremost when treating myself, my loved ones, or people who come to me for tips.

I love to travel, anywhere and everywhere. I think massage is a necessity not a luxury. I loved doing that Vipassana meditation retreat of 10-days silence and meditation so much that I went back again and again. Many years ago, I use to party till dawn and was fortunate to learn the tough but valuable lesson at a very young age that excessive consumption of alcohol and drugs is a tool for escapism. I now think it’s more fun creating my life as a happy and healthy adventure as opposed to escaping from it. I love to cook. I love giving and receiving energy work with the tools of Access Consciousness. I make a seriously kick-ass healthy and yummy smoothie. I spend a huge portion of my days researching and have an unquenchable thirst for educating myself moreso. I do not like dogma, in any shape or form. I wish I could sing like KD Lang.
I am deeply intrigued by the language of colour and how it can help in the understanding of our self, which I learnt through the Aura-Soma Colour-Care System. I don’t understand how or when humans got to the point where we stopped caring for mother earth and when I hear about an oil spill in our oceans or see someone throwing a cigarette butt in the gutter it hurts every living cell of my body, but I also truly believe that it’s not too late for the world to change. I am profoundly inspired by the talent, enthusiasm, and initiative of younger generations. I am also deeply inspired by my grandmothers, the most gracious women I have ever known. I love to garden and talk to the plants and critters. I feel naked without painted toenails.