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Our Principles

It’s our greatest joy to provide you the opportunity to look and feel naturally beautiful, whilst investing in your future wellbeing, because we all know that when we look good, we feel great; and when we feel good, we look great; and that holistic sense of wellbeing overflows into all aspects of our lives.


We believe that all our brands within our store promise to bring about a happy and healthy body, mind and being, (as well as a beautiful complexion)! Each of our products are tried and tested for their effectiveness, evaluated for purity and safety, and celebrated for their environmentally friendly factors. Our founder always ensures that every product is listed to the detail, so that selecting what is right and what will work for you, is made a seamless process.

Environmentally Mindful

By taking responsibility for what we create and sell, we believe that we are not only contributing to the solution for reducing our footprint on the earth, but also helping to generate a future filled with more happiness, love, and consciousness.

The brands we stock at Be Genki, align with our environmentally mindful philosophy of supporting the Earth towards a healthy and harmonious future.
Our environmentally mindful practices include recyclable and biodegradable packaging where possible, recycling the necessities of a busy company, and the active involvement of native bush regeneration by our founder that makes a visible tangible difference.
All orders are packaged in a recyclable cardboard box with biodegradable void fill to keep your products secure in transit. We do not purchase or use any plastic components.
We know we aren’t perfect, but what we do know is that as we become more environmentally aware, Be Genki commits to becoming more sustainable and empowering change for an ever-evolving journey to sustainability.

Giving Back

For many years, we donated a percentage of our profits to Treehenge, an initiative that plans to repair habitats across Australia. This is only one of our initiatives that we take on board to support the environment and work toward advocating for a better, brighter, and cleaner future for the world we live in.

Treehenge’s first plantation was at Gladfield in the Condamine River Basin, a region that is one of Queensland’s major food bowls and sits at the Headwaters of Australia’s largest river system.
As the support for Treehenge project’s grow, this restoration and rejuvenation of damaged land will continue at different sites all around Australia and the henge itself will stand as a symbol of nationwide change.
Treehenge celebrates life and nature, but most importantly supports it, one tree at a time. Being a big lover of the ocean and sea animals, Sea Shepherd caught our attention and we focussed contribution in preserving the ocean and its inhabitants. Now, our focus has shifted to hands-on native bush regeneration in our Northern NSW Australia property. In our first project, we planted over 2000 trees in a koala corridor for native animals between the years of 2018 - 2020.
Our current project is to regenerate a 102 acre property that is surrounded by 5 National Parks in Northern NSW Australia. It has been an absolute joy and delight to witness first-hand the return of native animals to these areas. Your choice to shop at Be Genki supports this 'giving back' action.


We love and care for animals and their protection at Be Genki, and this is why we do not carry any brands that test their products or raw ingredients on animals. We do not carry any products that contain animal fats or oils. Majority of our products we stock are Vegan – we do carry some products that contain organic honey, ethical organic beeswax, or pearl powder.

(If you are trying to avoid any of these ingredients listed, please read the ‘Ingredient List’ located on each of our product pages)

Conscious Choices

Every time you buy a product you are saying to that company, ‘keep on doing what you are doing.’ You are supporting everything that company does: every source of raw material, every packaging solution, every environmental standard that they are undertaking, every form of employee relations, every marketing choice. We can all stick our heads in the sand, if we so choose, and ignore the reality of what goes on in the world. Or we can do something about it.

We live on this planet and have the power to vote every day with the choices we make at the supermarket, deli, grocery and department stores; and be willing to change when new choices become available. The world is changing, and many new products and services are becoming available that are a part of the solution to reducing our footprint on the earth.
At Be Genki, we love helping you make more informed, conscious, compassionate, and loving choices. Choices that not only are in the best interest of your own health and happiness, but also for your loved ones, future generations, animals and environment in which we share.


We are forever grateful for you, our customer. For without you, we wouldn’t exist. Whether you are a loyal customer, or new to Be Genki, we are always here to help you find the ‘perfect’ product combinations, just for you, or for someone special. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about our products or principles.