african liquid black soap 200ml


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filtered water (aqua), ashes of cocoa pod (magnesium chloride), coconut oil (cocos nucifera).

* all Moroccan Natural ingredients are organic or wildcrafted

Not just your average everyday soap; black soap is completely pure and chemical free, known as quite the wonder product!

African Black Soap originates from West Africa and is a natural source of Vitamin A, E and Iron. It has been used for centuries in Ghana and Nigeria. Its methods and secrets have been passed down from generation to generation to keep the soap close to mother nature and avoid exploitation and imitations. When you support Moroccan Natural Black Soap you provide an incentive for villagers to continue producing these ancient natural formulae that sustained Africans long before the advent of chemically based substitutes.

African Black Soap moisturises and improves the texture of the skin. Vitamin A supports collagen production and helps to keep skin firm and smooth. Natural fats help to nourish dry skin and allow it to better retain moisture Antioxidants from the vitamins help prevent free radical damage, which can lead to ageing.

African Black Soap removes the dreaded 'backne' acne on the back. It is also anti-bacterial pH balanced and safe for baby's soft skin.

African Black Soap gently removes make up, doubles up as a fantastic shampoo and conditioner, and helps to eliminate skin irritations like rashes leaving skin feeling silky smooth, fresh and purified.

Face & Body Cleanser: Moisten skin, work into a lather with warm water and massage onto the face and body as you would use soap. Rinse clean.

Wet Shave: Work into a rich lather with warm water onto the desired area using a wet shaving brush or hands. The infused Coconut Oil will protect your skin and soften the hair whilst providing optimal blade glide.

Shampoo: Recommended for all hair lengths. Apply to wet hair and scalp and massage into a rich lather. Wash out thoroughly. Condition after use.

NOTE: Not recommended if hair is chemically treated (i.e. coloured, dyed, bleached); patch test before applying to the whole head; chemicals will open the hair follicles and such treated hair may, but rarely, respond to this product in unanticipated ways. This product is best suited to virgin hair.

Moroccan Natural African Liquid Black Soap is amazing, incredible and unbelievable all rolled in to one. This stuff really works. I love using it to wash my body, shave my underarms, and clean my makeup brushes. My husband loves it too as a top to toe wash, including shampoo ... it's a fab multi-tasker. I urge you to try this product*. It's seriously that good and is an everyday staple. I could literally write a book on its amazing-ness. In terms of comparing to other Black Soaps on the market, well, let's just say that I've tried a lot of them, and haven't been impressed enough to want to make an alternative available as quite frankly none other live up to the effectiveness as Moroccan Natural.

* please note that I have virgin hair (i.e. not colour treated). Moroccan Natural African Liquid Black Soap works AMAZING on virgin hair, but not as amazing on colour-treated hair. Understandably.