air conditioner - orion & angelica 100ml


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Essential Oils *: Ylang Ylang, Lemongrass, Jasmine, Mimosa, Clove, Rose (* organic or bio-dynamically grown)

Crystal Energies: Rose Quartz

Each Aura-Soma Air Conditioner contains varying concentrations of plants and herbs in a vegetable-based organic alcohol solution.

For the cyclical journeys of endings and fresh beginnings.


Aura-Soma Air Conditioners are created with a unique blend of essential oils and botanicals grown in biodynamic and organic environments. Each combination has been further enhanced with spagyric tinctures of crystals, and the highly potent Aura-Soma energising process, to provide atmospheric support to your living and/or workspace

You are the colours you choose, and these reflect your being’s needs. 

Your body knows on an instinctual level what it requires to thrive. 

Vicky Wall - the founder and innovator of Aura-Soma - used to say that ‘the greater guide is the guide within’ meaning that no-one knows what is better for you than you. So, if you are naturally drawn to choosing a certain colour, then please go with that choice, as there is something within you that is desiring that combination of plant and crystal essences. Other people may try and tell you what is best for you, but I personally wouldn't follow that advice if it contradicts your 'gut' feeling. Your inner knowing, and intuition is the ONLY thing to follow.

Another point to consider with Aura-Soma is that nothing will activate within you from the products, unless it is for your greater good. This is one of the fundamentals that is imbued in to all Aura-Soma products. i.e. there are no wrong choices that you will ever make.

Aura-Soma Air Conditioners provide atmospheric support to your living and/or workspace.

A few short sprays into the atmosphere will disperse the energies throughout a desired area in your home, office, treatment room or workshop space.

They are particularly helpful during meditation or in a therapy room to invoke specific energies for client work.

I have the full set of Aura-Soma air conditioners at home. Yes, a little over the top. But hey, I love to have options. And when it comes to room sprays there's nothing quite like the Aura-Soma air conditioners. Just knowing that I'm purifying my home with organic and biodynamic essential oils is one thing, but to also have the added benefit of crystal essences is truly something special. And unique to Aura-Soma. As the months go by I have different favourites. But I love to choose colours based on my intention for the day, or desire of a particular type of energy that I'd like to feel.