air purifying essential oil breathing mask


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made from organic cotton

There are 2 kinds of patterns: floral and abstract / geometrical.

Whilst we'd love to be able to assure you that you'll receive your preferred style, and we welcome you to write in the COMMENTS at checkout which pattern you prefer, we can not guarantee that you receive the preferred pattern.

A cheery, vintage fabric exterior with pleated organic cotton jersey on the inside snuggly covers the nose and mouth to pleasantly protect and purify your respiration from airborne pollutants and trespassers, such as smoke, dust, pollen, and other airborne issues.

This organic cotton mask, accented with vibrant vintage fabric on the outside, shields your respiration from airborne issues. In lieu of two ear loops, four long elastic bands can be tied behind the ears, behind the head, or whatever way feels best to you.

For extra inhalation inspiration, dab a drop of an essential oil on the inside ply and don the mask. Infused with your favourite oil, the mask bathes each inhalation with potent lung-loving and sinus-saving plant power.

After wearing, swish the mask in the sink with cool water and soap, rinse, and line-dry.

Easy to use. I always pop one of these in my carry-on travel bags when flying long haul. As soon as I see the air steward bring out the sprays to "disinfect" the cabin I place a drop of Living Libations longevity blend on the mask and pop the mask over my face, so I can breathe in the botanicals.