beam bright red light oral care appliance


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Contains: Silicone LED device, USB magnetic charging cord, User Manual, Green Perfect Puffer Pocket.


  • Wavelength: 460nm (blue), 630nm(red), 850nm (NIR light)
  • Light irradiance: 65 mW/cm² @ 0″
  • Lens Beam Angle: 120°
  • Automated 16-minute timer 
  • Magnetic USB charging cable (Full charge lasts over 2.5 hours)
  • Flexible BPA-free silicone mouthpiece
  • Do not submerge

Living Libations Beam Bright appliance harnesses the remedial power of light to energetically help seal the gums, brighten teeth, and banish bad breath, after brushing, flossing, and rinsing. This medical-grade device contains three light emitting diodes (LED) with Near-Infrared (NIR) + Red Light therapy and Blue Light therapy cycles that send repairing and restoring energy deep into the cells. LED therapy is proven to repair damaged tissues by boosting blood flow, collating collagen, stimulating cell regeneration, balancing the biome, reducing redness and puffiness, and sealing superficial wounds. 

Beam Bright Oral Care Appliance is an effective medical device (ISO:13485, MDSAP) that radiates remedial, warm wavelengths deep into oral tissues to revitalize and harmonize a symphony of cells.

This simple to use system helps to prevent and pacify gingivitis, bleeding and receding gums, canker sores, cold sores, pain and redness from dentures or braces, and halitosis. The silicone tray is inserted into the mouth and gently held between the teeth so the potent wavelengths can activate all the oral tissues. The device offers a Near-Infrared + Red Light cycle and a Blue Light cycle. Each cycle lasts 16 minutes, and the device shuts off automatically when the session is finished.

Near-Infrared Light is non-visible on the light spectrum at 850mn. It illuminates the cells up to four centimeters deep in the tissues. It repairs and restores tissues by stimulating mitochondria to produce cellular energy to speed healing and improves blood vessel formation, circulation, and blood flow.

Red Light occupies the 630nm wavelength and is absorbed in the top two centimeters of the tissue where it excels at stimulating ATP cellular energy and collagen production, which are important for strong, tight gums and wound healing.

Blue Light is a shorter wavelength, 460nm, and is most active on the surface of tissues. Brilliant blue reduces the balance of pathogenic microbes that cause gingivitis and bad breath. When Blue Light therapy is used with one of our toothpastes the light activates the ingredients for a brighter smile. You can use Living Libations Triple Mint Enamelizer Toothpaste or Frankincense Fresh Sensitive Toothpaste as a mask with LED therapy.

Use the Light Therapy device after brushing, flossing, and rinsing. Use only as directed. Though the lights are pretty, please refrain from staring at them.

Place your finger on the power icon for two seconds. The device will power on and into the NIR +Red Light mode. Or tap the “power” icon to move from NIR + Red to the Blue Light setting.

Insert the device into the mouth and close the teeth on it to hold it in place.

The device beeps and automatically shuts off after 16 minutes when the therapy session is complete.

To turn the device off manually, place your finger on the power icon for two seconds.

Since introducing Living Libations' dental protocol in to my life, my teeth and gums have totally transformed. I used to brush too hard so I have receding gums that were tender if I touched that exposed area. So much so that I was recommended to have gum surgery. But since following the Living Libations dental care protocol morning and night my mouth is jumping for joy with happiness. No tenderness. No sore gums. No need for surgery. Just a bright white smile, fresh clean breath and healthy teeth and gums. Couldn't and wouldn't want to live without these oral care products.