beechwood brush


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Living Libations Beechwood Brush is easy to hold and perfectly sized at 8 inches long and 3 inches wide.

This beautiful, solid wood brush is durable and made to last. The sturdy cushion steadies and secures the strong, rounded stainless steel pins.

This beechwood brush is embedded with rounded metal pins that massage the scalp, and with each stroke it distributes natural oils from the scalp through the hair for super shiny locks.

This brush also makes it super simple to scent the hair or add extra scalp stimulation; just add a drop of your favorite essential oil, for example rosemary essential oil for extra scalp care, to your palm and run the metal tips of the brush across the palm to pick up the oils, and then brush.

This brush is great for all hair types, and is perfection for long, thick hair. The metal pins feel awesome on the scalp and make hair more manageable without breaking or damaging strands.

Care Instructions: To clean, quickly dip the brush in boiling water and set it out in the sun bristle-side down for a few hours to dry. Every few months, gently clean the brushes with a pure soap and rinse well. Let it dry in the sun, metal pin-side down. Avoid leaving wooden brushes soaking in water as it may lead to splitting. 

This is a great everyday brush that massages the scalp whilst styling and untangling hair. I love the tip of adding a drop of rosemary oil to the brushing experience ... genius!