best skin ever - tropical 100ml


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Cocos nucifera (Coconut Supercritical Extract), Gardenia tahitensis + Cocos nucifera (Gardenia, Tiare), Simmondsia chinensis (Jojoba), Cocos nucifera (Virgin Coconut) Oil, Santalum paniculatum (Sandalwood), Jasminum officinalis grandiflorum (Jasmine Grandiflorum), Vanilla tahitenis (Vanilla, Tahitian), Cananga odorata (Ylang Ylang), Curcuma longa (Turmeric), and Citrus limon (Lemon).

* all Living Libations ingredients are organic or wildcrafted

A luscious Tahitian love-dream. The joyful aroma of being on a tropical beach is within reach. Experience the freedom, relaxation, and deep restoration of a sandy saunter on a tropical island, where the salty sea and shimmering sun kiss pure-plant infusions of exotic merriment. It is here that your skin is freed to take heed, to restore, to become plump and playful once more.

This potent oil tones and rejuvenates the skin. It is used to support radiant skin and to achieve balance between oiliness and dryness. Virgin Coconut; the loyal lover of pure Tahitian Gardenia. By now your skin is positively drowning in opulent amounts of moisture, fatty acids, and luscious lipids galore! But wait, there’s oh-so-much-more! Beyond Coconut, Jojoba, Hawaiian Sandalwood, Jasmine Sambac and Gardenia Tiare lies a skin-healing bath just at the end of this palm tree-lined path. Follow your nose and sandy toes to pure, organic infusions of Turmeric, Vanilla, Ylang, and Lemon. This is your Best Skin Ever ticket to paradise!

Using your fingertips, gently massage the face, neck, or body. Apply after bathing, swimming, sunning, or showering. It is also a glorious massage oil. Beautiful for after sun rehydration.

Using Best Skin Ever on your Body after a Bath or Shower: Leave the body wet after a bath or shower. Wet a washcloth with water. Squeeze it out. Apply a few squirts onto the wet washcloth of any of the Best Skin Evers. Massage the entire body with the cloth, head to toe. Rub more vigorously to exfoliate.

The Living Libations Best Skin Evers are a dream to use. So versatile. So effective. And so heavenly with the varying essential oil blends within the different Best Skin Ever collection. I love to use this particular one on the body as it doubles as a moisturiser and heavenly natural fragrance.