bliss brass canister


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Made from the finest quality brass, with a machined lid and engraving.

Blended with stainless steel for optimal durability and preventing scratches or damages, and to prevent oxidation of the brass (normally, pure brass oxidises, but the blend with stainless steel removes the possibility of oxidisation and keeps your canister looking fresh and new for years).

This brass canister is the perfect size for storing 40g of ONE ELEVEN Bliss powder so is suitable for refills of the 40g serve pouch.

ONE ELEVEN's signature luxe brass machined and engraved canisters have been designed to reflect the utmost quality of their precious herbal blends. They were created  for you for three main reasons, to elevate the experience of your daily wellness ritual when enjoying your One Eleven elixirs by adding a touch of luxury, to increase the likelihood of you remembering to take your herbs, and to cut down on waste.

Keep your canister  on display in your kitchen or coffee table, so you remember to take your herbs (they’re far too luxurious to be hidden in the back of your cupboard) and refill your canister with our eco-conscious, recyclable Bliss pouches. What's not to love?

Optimal storage for herbs to retain potency and longevity.

Keep a chic aesthetic in your kitchen, on your coffee table or in your bathroom cabinet.

Not that you would, but never forget to take your Bliss again - these beauties are made to be on display instead of in the back of your cupboard so you remember to consistently take your herbs.

Easily take your herbs with you when you're on the run or travelling.

The small canister is the perfect option for keeping on display on your kitchen bench so that you remember to take your Bliss each day, or popping in your handbag or suitcase when you're on the run so you're never without your Bliss.

Simply fill your canister with Bliss from our 40 serve recyclable pouch by tearing open and pouring or spooning it in, and refill when you run out.

The canister is very low maintenance, so you hardly ever need to clean it if you are only using it to store Bliss.

To clean, wipe with wet microfibre cloth occasionally when needed and wipe dry with another clean cloth. Ensure the canister is 100% dry before storing herbs inside. Do not use use harsh chemicals on canister or put through dishwasher.

If transporting your canister with you in a bag, keep away from your keys or other sharp objects to avoid scratching and damage.

This brass canister is a MUST for storing the ONE ELEVEN Bliss powder. For one, it looks so pretty on the kitchen bench, but also, it ensures that I remember to take the formula each night as opposed to the pouch being hidden in a cupboard.