botanical bling nose ring diffuser


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The Botanical Bling Nose Ring Diffuser arrives in a sky-blue silicone jar with three medical-grade silicone diffuser rings.

Have you ever loved the aroma of an essential oil so much you just wanted to walk around with an open bottle in your nose? Well, now you can.

Your nose knows what’s really real, and Living Libations Nose Ring Diffuser holds really real oils right up to your nose so you can breathe better air at night and during the day. Every breath you take will revive your being with the aromatic intelligence of your favorite natural fragrance. Every move you make, the Nose Diffuser goes with you as this discrete silicone ring fits securely and comfortably around the septum, and warm airflow draws the essential oils into the nose for long-lasting aromatherapy.

It’s super simple. Anoint the ring or soak the ring in a few drops of oils in the container before wearing, and the Nose Ring Diffuser slowly disperses the essential oils so you may boost the beauty of breathing, inhale soothing scents for slumber, ignite mental clarity, ameliorate airways and tight spaces, and even alleviate snoring.

I haven't personally tried this yet. But .. am really looking forward to it, as I can imagine these little nose rings would be an absolute MUST when on airplanes to help with all that stale recycled air on flights.