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Aura-Soma Equilibrium bottles contain an upper fraction and lower fraction, oil* resting upon water± in a state of perfect balance. 

* squalane derived from organic olives 

± drawn from the Aura-Soma biodynamic farm, then purified and energised for optimum absorption. 

The upper fraction represents the conscious mind, the lower fraction represents the sub-conscious mind.

Within each fraction is a unique blend of essential oils and botanicals grown in biodynamic and organic environments, further enhanced with spagyric tinctures of crystals, and the highly potent Aura-Soma energising process.

Red | Deep Magenta

Energy Rescue: A time shift, a gateway to a new understanding and a new possibility towards enthusiastic wellbeing.

You are the colours you choose, and these reflect your being’s needs. 

Your body knows on an instinctual level what it requires to thrive. When you trust your intuition while selecting the Equilibrium bottles and apply them regularly, they have the capacity to support you to a deeper consciousness and promote wellbeing.

Vicky Wall - the founder and innovator of Aura-Soma - used to say that ‘the greater guide is the guide within’ meaning that no-one knows what is better for you than you. So, if you are naturally drawn to choosing a certain colour, then please go with that choice, as there is something within you that is desiring that combination of plant and crystal essences. Other people may try and tell you what is best for you, but I personally wouldn't follow that advice if it contradicts your 'gut' feeling. Your inner knowing, and intuition is the ONLY thing to follow.

Another point to consider with Aura-Soma is that nothing will activate within you from the products, unless it is for your greater good. This is one of the fundamentals that is imbued in to all Aura-Soma products. i.e. there are no wrong choices that you will ever make.

To stand in front of the various colour combinations contained within the Equilibrium bottles and select those which you feel drawn to most, is the ideal way to choose Aura-Soma Equilibrium bottles. The colours you are drawn to are the colours you need. As the founder and innovator of Aura-Soma used to say - "You are the colours you choose, and these reflect your being's needs.'

To activate the vibrational energy of the ingredients in each Equilibrium shake the bottle with your left hand and apply to the body. This also provides the perfect possibility for the top fraction to be temporarily combined with the bottom fraction.

The alchemy is in your hands, the unique energy within each Equilibrium bottle is unlocked when it touches your skin.

In regards to where to apply, please follow your gut instinct. Alternatively apply in a complete band around the chakra area that the colour of the bottle relates to when it is shaken together.

Aura-Soma works on principles similar to those of other vibrational medicines. The colours of the bottles are formulated by combining plant ingredients with liquid tinctures of crystal and mineral energies. Through sympathetic resonance, which can be compared to homeopathy’s doctrine of 'like cures like', the energetic vibrations of these ingredients have a stimulating, clarifying, and balancing effect on us. Interacting with the colours of Aura-Soma can be a personally rejuvenating and supportive process, affecting the energetics of our subtle anatomy and physical being. Supplying the needed colour, plant and crystal energetics to the body helps us move away from disease and into a state of more harmonious ease.

Perfectly named, Aura-Soma, meaning light-body, was developed into a colour-care system working with the visual and non-visual energies of colour as refractions of light which are reflected in each individual’s personal light body. This unique 'soul therapy' works with your physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing and essentially moves you toward a deeper understanding of yourself. This utilises the visual and non-visual energies of colour, and the energies of essential oils, herbal extracts, crystals and gems, contained within Equilibrium bottles that is at the core of the Aura-Soma system.

I love how Aura-Soma invites me to gift myself back to myself. So that I can go about in to the world with more ease in body, mind and being. Feeling “balanced”. Like all the little parts of me are sparkling with vibrance.

Because here’s the scoop, no matter how centred, zen or cool-calm-and-collected I strive to be, sometimes nailing it, most often times practicing at it, life happens. That crazy, beautiful, messy, delicious, frustrating, romantic, exhausting, exciting, confusing, hilarious, heart-wrenching, breathtaking, disappointing, exciting, jaw dropping, fun-filled, devastating thing called life.

So, whenever I feel like I need to get back to “me” I stand in front of those dual coloured bottles and select the one that jumps out at me. The one that is literally vibrating with brilliance, as if none other exist. The one that would jump off the shelf and in to my hands if it could. The one that I then apply to my body each morning so as to infuse my cells with the profound beneficial properties of plants, crystals and the waveforms of colour. Each drop penetrating the semi-permeable membrane of my skin and into the blood and lymph to help bring about the change that I so desire, not only on a conscious level, but also that unknown and oh so mysterious subconscious ocean that lies within each of us.

Aura-Soma is a daily gift from me to me. Looking in to the mirror of the depths of me so that I can polish all those little bits that are waiting patiently to sparkle, shine, and dance to the rhythm of my forever-falling-in-love beating heart.

It sends my mind in to a spin when I try and think about how these little bottles interact with my being, my essence, my soul. How could it be so? How could something be so intimate? So potent? So inexplicable? And so incredibly beautiful?

In a world where we want to know everything, be explained all the finer details, and have all the veils lifted, no matter how far down the rabbit hole of Aura-Soma’s ingredients, methods of production and unique energisation, my mind will never be able to comprehend the complete mystery, wonder and amazement of how a little dual coloured bottle of oil upon water, botanicals swimming with crystal tinctures, waveforms of colour and light dancing in harmony, oh so patiently waiting for that moment ... when our eyes meet, my fingertips reach forward, to twist open the lid, to shake and combine that upper and lower fraction, so that it becomes entangled and entwined with the very essence of my body, mind and being as I apply the liquid upon my skin.

How this seemingly simple interaction could be so personally nourishing and life-supportive in the most practical of ways. What I also love, is how Aura-Soma provides me the possibility to look in to the reflection of my consciousness. Where else can we experience that? So boldly. So nakedly. So arrestingly. So gently.

I have been using Aura-Soma products in my daily life every day since 2011.