erato's multipurpose essence 50ml


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Organic entre plum seeds (prunus domestica seed oil)*, Indian organic mango (Mangifera indica seed butter)*, Lycopene (solanum lycopersicum seed oil)*.

* from organic farming + checked for external contaminants, such as pesticides and heavy metals.

Restores plumpness, repairs photodamage, protects skin cells, rejuvenates. It defends the skin against ageing, heals its lipid barrier, protects the skin's cellular DNA, repairs photodamage, and has fantastic moisturising properties. Long term use improves skin tone and fights visible signs of ageing while retaining moisture deep within the skin.

Suitable for: All skin types, including ultra-sensitive skin.

Organic entre plum seeds provide full-spectrum vitamin E, essential for the skin's healthy function, as well as beneficial fatty acids that turn your skin super soft and plumpy within minutes.

Indian organic mango offers accompanying vitamins A and C and locks moisture deep within to provide your skin with a dewy look.

Lycopene, the gem locked within the tomato extract, defends the skin against ageing, supports skin cell function, protects the skin's cellular DNA, and repairs photodamage.

Together they provide your skin with broad-spectrum nutrition and antioxidants, which are essential for a glowy, hydrated complextion.

Step 1: Place 2 - 3 pumps of pea-sized Erato's Multipurpose Essence in the palm of your hand.

Step 2: Warm-up to activate the bio-dynamic components by rubbing your hands together.

Step 3: Press softly against your cheeks, forehead, nose, chin and under your eyes.

Body Application: Place 3 pumps of Erato's Multipurpose Essence on the length of your forearms and spread thoroughly with upwards strokes, massaging in to the driest areas, such as the elbows. Continue with the rest of the body, in the same manner, using long strokes upwards on arms and legs, and circular in motion on the belly, chest and joints.

Like the Ex Prunis, what I first fell in love with, was the scent. It's heavenly, nutty and earthy but in a sweet way. The oil sinks easily in to the skin and leaves it looking healthy, fresh, vibrant and clear. It's a brilliant choice for applying in the morning for a fab looking glow to the skin. I highly recommend adding this oil to your beauty collection. Especially if you have super-sensitive skin, or any other kind of skin concern that has left you frustrated for not being able to find something that helps to improve your complexion. Phaedra Botanicals is THE brand of choice for super super sensitive skin.