facial brush


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The bristles are high quality, first cut wild boar hair. The animals are raised ethically on a small farm in Europe and grown only for their hair.

This brush is the perfect size and texture to dry-brush the delicate skin on your face and decolletage.

The Facial Brush may be used every day, completely dry.

Oxygen atoms make up over 80% of the human body, making oxygen the true elixir of life. We thrive on negatively-charged oxygen ions that are inhaled through the air, absorbed through our drinking water, and ingested in the concentrated form of hydrogen peroxide. Oxygen ions connect us with the earth. They are found in the coastline of a beautiful beach, the elegant rush of a waterfall, each droplet of rain and every sparkling snowflake Oxygen ion levels are increased with air friction, which is created by dry-brushing the skin. Brushing also has massive benefits for the body’s circulatory and nervous systems.

Dry brush in a gentle, circular motion towards the hairline. Finish by cleansing and moisturising with one of our Best Skin Evers.

I've always been a daily body brusher. I love the entire ritual of it. Gifting my body a little love and the lymphatic system some stimulation. But when it comes to my face, I always shy-ed away from brushing, for fear of doing damage. It's a valid hesitation, as many brushes are made with synthetic scratchy bristles that should never be used on the body, let alone the delicate area on the face. So, when I tried the Living Libations Facial Brush, I was so excited and overjoyed, as the bristles are super soft and made with natural fibres. The feeling on the skin is a combination of gently stimulating with a 'wake me up' sensation, in a soft feather touch kind of way. I now LOVE gifting my face a gentle exfoliation with this brush and can notice the extra softness and smoothness in my complexion. Fab every-day product (or once a week facial treat) for sure.