frankincense face tonic 50ml


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Boswellia carterii (Frankincense Hydrosol and Essential Oil).

* all Living Libations ingredients are organic or wildcrafted

Fundamentally, this Frankincense water is an aqueous version of the aromatic essential oil. It is a face tonic with a fine fragrance and ethereal effectiveness for hydrating skin. Frankincense Face Tonic gives instant irrigation of epic proportions. It refreshes as it infuses the face with the ancient power of a double dose Frankincense, which is a smoothing, soothing “pick-me-up in a bottle.” Turn caring for your skin into a mediation with this fortifying molecular mist that may be used to revitalise skin after cleansing, shaving and to revive the spirit anytime of day. It is particularly well equipped to meet the needs of mature skin, it tones blemish prone skin and infuses dry skin with merry moisture.

Spritz on this ancient age-defying, parched skin quelling tonic after freshly washed skin with Best Skin Ever, for flights and travel and when your face or your spirit needs a lift. Excellent when used with Frankincense Best Skin Ever, Open Sky Eye Serum and BeDew Dab.

I'm a BIG lover of organic hydrosols so am instantly in love with this Frankincense Face Tonic. So often mists are forgotten or left out intentionally of daily skin care rituals, and it baffles me beyond belief. Whilst the world is going nuts over essential oils, I dare say it won't be too long until the world wakes up to the incredibly beneficial properties of hydrosols too. They're a MUST in daily skin care.