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Organic Sesame Seed Oil, Organic Grain Alcohol, Organic Lavender Oil, and Organic Jaborandi Extract.

Leaping Bunny certified, vegan, gluten-free, cruelty-free, chemical-free.

Free From: Artificial Fragrance, Chemical SPF, Coal Tar, Gluten, Latex, Mineral Oil, Parabens, Polyethylene Glycol (PEGs), Silicone/Dimethicone, Sugar, Sulphates (SLS), Talc, GMOs, Fillers, Additives

CRIA Hair and Scalp Booster is your organic choice for dull, thinning, brittle hair. CRIA nourishes the hair you have while nurturing the hair you need. It's patent-pending formula gives you healthier, stronger, longer hair that lasts.

Sesame seed oil contains powerful antioxidants, vitamins & minerals that improve blood circulation, leading to healthier hair.

Jaborandi, an herb indigenous to the Amazon Rainforests, combats hair loss.

Organic alcohol is used to unleash the full potential of CRIA’s select ingredients.

Lavender oil helps soothe and nourish the scalp.

SPECIFIC CONCERNS: Hair Fall, Hair Loss, Brittle Hair, Thinning Hair, Colored or Over-processed Hair, Itchy Scalp, Chronic Dandruff.

TOPICAL PART: The organic alcohol temporarily “dries” the scalp so the essential nutrients can be absorbed quickly into the follicle tissues. Wet does not absorb wet. Dry does. This dryness, though essential, is only temporary. CRIA’s combination of essential oils act as emollient, also restoring the scalp’s natural PH balance. So you can see and feel healthier, stronger hair quickly.

WELLNESS PART: Not only that, anything you apply on the skin you let in. Scalp is skin. With CRIA, you’re letting in natural ingredients that are good for the body, aligning with it to give you healthier, stronger, shinier hair. This is why CRIA is such a game-changer!

Preserve formula by storing in cool / dry place, away from direct heat / sun / electrical sources. 

SHAKE WELL. Apply all over scalp, run through hair ends, gently massage it in, leave on for 1 hour or overnight. Wash off with shampoo. Use 3 times per week or as desired.

Do you use any artificial preservatives or harmful chemicals in the making of your product? No, CRIA is made from all natural and organic ingredients, which are considered safe. We don’t use any FD&C colorants (which are derived from petroleum), petroleum derived chemicals or preservatives, harmful synthetic ingredients, artificial fragrances, parabens, sulfates, or GMOs.

Is CRIA hair and scalp booster safe for children? Yes. CRIA is formulated with natural and organic ingredients, but we recommend doing a test in a small area before using CRIA in case of any botanical allergies. Although CRIA can be used on children we recommend not using it for children under the ages of 13 years. Children, of any age, should not be handling CRIA. An adult should do the application at all times. Please keep CRIA in a safe place where children do not have easy access.

Is CRIA hair and scalp booster hypoallergenic? We use only natural ingredients that should be safe for all skin types however your skin or body may react differently to different things. If you have extremely sensitive skin do a test on your scalp before fully using CRIA. CRIA contains only 4 all natural ingredients and in most cases have no side effects.

Does CRIA hair and scalp booster have an expiration date? No. We use organic grain ethanol as the carrier of the herb extract. Grain ethanol is made from regular grains like wheat or corn so it is all natural and therefore good for the body. Additionally, alcohol as a medium of extraction increases the product’s shelf life as well as its effectiveness. No other medium extracts fully and completely an herb’s essential nutrients and anti-oxidants as alcohol. Therefore, it is our natural choice and we are committed to giving you the best nature has to offer. We do recommend using CRIA within 4-6 weeks from date of purchase to see best results.

How much of CRIA hair and scalp booster do I use at one time? Enough to gently soak your scalp and run it through the ends of your hair. Your scalp should not feel runny or soaking wet.

My scalp feels dry when I use CRIA hair and scalp booster. Why is that? In the case of CRIA, organic grain ethanol is the carrier of the herbal extract. When applied topically the extract temporarily dries the skin that facilitates quick absorption of antioxidants and nutrients into the scalp. Sooner the active ingredients reach deeper into the scalp tissues, quicker their nourishing and regenerative action on hair health.

I feel a few bumps on my scalp after using CRIA hair and scalp booster. Should I be concerned? No. The bumps may be the result of small pores on your scalp. Using product, any sort, may clog these pores making them appear bumpy. We recommend using smaller amounts of CRIA initially so your pores can absorb the product easily and quickly without clogging. And washing it out with a mild shampoo within a couple of hours. As your scalp gets used to the product, the bumps should disappear. If for some unknown reason they persist or increase, however, we recommend not using the product.

Can I use CRIA hair and scalp booster overnight? Yes, in fact we recommend it. The longer you leave CRIA in your hair, better the results, we have observed. We recommend using the headband provided to prevent the product from trickling over forehead, face, and neck.

Is CRIA hair and scalp booster an oil product? No, CRIA is not an oil product like ARGAN oil and the likes. It is an oil-based product that contains herbal extracts. CRIA is a very specific formulation, crafted to have a very light and airy feel unlike regular oils that feel heavy and greasy.

Is it safe to use CRIA hair and scalp booster as and how I want? Yes, it is! In fact we want you to create your own CRIA practices. CRIA is all natural so it is safe to use it as per your convenience and need. Unlike products that command you to follow specific regimens and warn you of dangers related to not doing so, CRIA is about empowering you, making you the decision-maker in how, when, and for how long to use it. With CRIA, more is better!

How long should I use CRIA hair and scalp booster to see results I want? Depends on what CRIA is helping you with. In our trial study, people saw healthier hair within a week. Those experiencing deeper hair issues used CRIA for 4 - 6 weeks or more to see newer, fuller hair. We recommend using CRIA at least 3 times per week. Using it regularly and for longer will yield results you want.

I recently went through chemo and lost all my hair. Can CRIA hair and scalp booster help? Yes! CRIA is good for cancer warriors since it contains only 4 organic ingredients and is chemical-free. A cancer warrior we know used CRIA for 8 weeks, 4 - 5 times per week, and saw an 1½” of new hair in that duration. Without CRIA, a cancer warrior can expect to see only ½” or less of new hair in 8 weeks post-chemo’ and sometimes none at all.

Does CRIA hair and scalp booster have any side effects? CRIA has no side effects. It is designed to empower your body to do what it does best — heal and thrive. Anything you put on your skin, lets it in. When you put CRIA on your scalp, you let it in. CRIA’s powerful anti-oxidants neutralize toxins not only on your scalp but also those inside your body while supplying nutrients that heal and rejuvenate the hair. CRIA works with your body, not against it.

Why do you use alcohol in CRIA hair and scalp booster? We use organic grain ethanol for herb extraction. Since our ethanol is natural as in made through fermentation of grains like wheat or corn, it is good for the skin and body. Further, organic ethanol is a powerful extractor, drawing fully the most essential nutrients from an herb that adds to the potency and quality of the final product. Organic ethanol also acts as a preservative, maintaining the shelf life of an extract and it also facilitates quick absorption of the essential nutrients from the extract into the bloodstream. This makes the product effective.

How can wheat alcohol be gluten free? We use organic alcohol vendors who distill the alcohol to a point where all proteins and sugars from the grain (wheat or corn) have been converted into alcohol. Anything that remains after is just distilled water left in the organic process of distillation. This means that none of the gluten protein is left in the alcohol at this high proof. This is why we claim CRIA is gluten-free.

I have androgenic alopecia (male patterned balding). Can CRIA hair and scalp booster help? We have patrons who have tried CRIA for baldness and it has helped. We also understand everyone’s body reacts differently to different things. Your body might respond really well to CRIA, resulting in new hair or it might not. If it doesn’t, you know you still put the purest of ingredients in your body, not harmful chemicals. This is all to say, try CRIA. Use it regularly. It just might help!

I suffer from severe dandruff. Can I still use CRIA hair and scalp booster? Yes, you can. CRIA’s powerful antioxidants neutralize dandruff-causing bacteria while adding nutrients to the scalp that make it smooth and healthy. Healthy scalp means healthy hair. CRIA does contain organic ethanol, a powerful disinfectant that may dry the scalp temporarily but the organic essential oils act as the emollients.

Does CRIA hair and scalp booster work for all kinds of hair loss? CRIA’s main work is to empower your body — to heal, to rejuvenate. The outward effect of an empowered body is often seen in the texture of one’s skin and the quality of one’s hair. While other products enervate the body, even as they may produce new hair that might not last, CRIA adds to the body’s natural potential that may result in new hair that lasts. We recommend CRIA for all forms of hair loss. Let your body get used to a good thing and expect good results.

Do I apply CRIA hair and scalp booster all over my scalp or only on the affected areas? We recommend using CRIA all over your scalp every time. When you apply it all over the scalp, you energize all the hair follicles therein. This will promote new and healthier hair all over, not just the affected areas.

How much of CRIA hair and scalp booster do I use each time? What is enough? The CRIA applicator will deliver the right amount to each section of your scalp. The “right” amount is enough to wet your scalp and hair, not drench it. Lightly massage into scalp and run through ends of hair. Use the hair band to prevent product from trickling to forehead, face, and neck. Wash with a mild shampoo. The product should come off in one wash because it is non-greasy. A second wash is recommended to get a clean feel.

Can I use CRIA hair and scalp booster on wet hair? We recommend using CRIA on dry hair. Your hair doesn’t have to be washed or blow dried to use CRIA, only dry. Dry scalp and hair allow the nutrients and antioxidants to be absorbed quickly into the tissues to begin the rejuvenating process.

Do I wash my hands after using CRIA hair and scalp booster? Yes. Always a good idea to wash hands after using any product including CRIA.

How long can I expect my CRIA hair and scalp booster bottle to last? CRIA’s 6 fl. Oz. bottle should last a month and a half. But it all depends on how often you use it. If you are using it every day, then the bottle will last a month or less. If you are using it 3 times a week, then the bottle will last beyond a month.

Can I use CRIA hair and scalp booster every day? Yes! With CRIA more is better! Why? Because its all-natural and organic ingredients only serve to empower your body to do what it does best—heal and rejuvenate, especially your hair.

I feel a tingling on my scalp when I apply CRIA hair and scalp booster? Why? “Tingling” in this instance is the disinfecting affect of CRIA. When applied, CRIA’s powerful antioxidants zap the toxins on the scalp, allowing all essential nutrients to then enter the scalp tissues to begin the work of rejuvenation of the hair follicles therein. So tingling is a good sensation because it means good things are happening on and inside your scalp!

When I apply CRIA hair and scalp booster I feel a sense of well-being. I like it. Why is that though? We are so glad you feel that because CRIA is mindfully crafted to help you feel good overall. CRIA is good for your hair because it is good for your body. A good test of the efficacy of any product should be how good it makes you feel in the head and heart. A sense of well-being is a signifier of healing, we believe.

Some product trickled into my eye. Should I be concerned? No, there is no cause for concern. If it does enter your eyes, wash it thoroughly with cold water. We recommend using the headband to prevent any trickling.

A little while ago I indulged in a spa treatment that I don't usually have - an intensive scalp treatment. Yes, it was heavenly getting my head massaged, but, it was also exactly as the name suggested ... intense. Whilst I have thin hair, I have a lot of it, and hair loss has never been an issue. So to have someone pulling at my hair, and literally pulling hair out was a wee bit of a distressing moment. At the end of the treatment the lady said to me, "you lost quite a lot of hair." To which I thought ... "no sh*t!" And then I shifted in to "fix it" gear. Thankfully we stock a product - CRIA Hair & Scalp Booster - specifically formulated to promote healthier and stronger hair quickly. With so many people around the world using this product for hair loss, thinning hair, and brittle hair ... I thought .... what a perfect opportunity to put CRIA to the test. So I did. And yes CRIA works. Really really well. It is an oil based product, so I applied it at night time, 4 times a week, and then washed it out the next morning. Even after one treatment my hair was silky soft and bouncy after washing it out the next morning. But after using it for a number of weeks my hair was radically transformed even more so. If you have any hair dilemmas I highly recommend giving CRIA a go. To say I am delighted is an understatement.