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Living Libations silicone mask is medical grade and biocompatible.

Silicone is a nearly inert, stable synthetic rubber made of silicon (a natural element) and oxygen. It is elastic, strong, and resistant to water, salt, lipids, and corrosion. It is also naturally non-microbial and fully recyclable.

It's innate flexibility makes this sheet mask easy to apply to the face without tearing, so it is long lasting and can be used repeatedly.

Super-juice your skin care with Living Libations Hydrating Silicone Sheet Mask, that turns luscious Libations into extra-effectual elixirs and face-gracing facials for every type, tissue, and issue.

This soft, supple silicone mask helps you refresh, nourish, and revive your visage, efficiently and tidily. The non-slip, contoured design lets you sit back and relax or get on with your life while you sustain your skin with your favourite facial. Non-porous silicone locks in the dewy flower-power and endless emollients of your favourite Libations to invoke your inner glow.

Dodge disposable sheet masks and surpass the synthetic, filmy, and flimsy ingredients that they are injected with. Most sheet masks include thirty to fifty iffy ingredients, and the first ingredient, the main ingredient, is water — just regular water that you can get from your tap, along with artificial ingredients. Glycerin (along with other glycols), which is almost always an ingredient, is a highly processed humectant that provides temporary plumping yet ultimately leads skin cells to shrivel through a process called osmolarity. Glycerin has about fifteen different names, including 1,2,3-propanetriol, 1,2,3-trihydroxypropane, clyzerin, glicerol, glycyl alcohol, NSC 9230, polyglycerol, and propane-1,2,3-triol. The ingredient listed as “fragrance” can represent hundreds of chemicals, and so on it goes. Why soak your fine face in a mask with these senseless synthetics when nature provides pure, potent botanical blessings to grace your face?

Living Libations masks are made of non-absorptive silicone, so that you absorb all of the luscious facial serum. It acts as a barrier to evaporation, so more product is absorbed by the skin and less of the skin care product is wasted. The mask physically seals in the ingredients and allows body heat to warm up the ingredients for maximum absorption. And, there is nothing to throw away – the silicone mask is endlessly reusable and easy to wash. 

It is super simple to use: Wash your face with your favourite Best Skin Ever and then apply your desired Libations serum or mask (Royal Rose, Papaya + Lime, Frankincense Honey, Rosemary Reset) to your skin. Spread the silicone mask gently over your face, lining up the nose and eye holes, and loop the loops around your ears. Remove the silicone mask after 10 - 15 minutes (or longer if desired) and clean it before storing.

To clean: Use a Libations shampoo, clay soap, or natural soap and warm water after use. Allow the silicone mask to dry fully before storing.

Moisture and Radiance Maintenance Facial: Your favourite Best Skin Ever, All Season Serum, Sun Dew Crème.

Deep Hydration Facial to erase rough patches, fine lines, or a lacklustre hue: Night Nectar Serum or Balm, Rose Glow Serum or Crème, Sandalwood Serum Supreme.

Exfoliation Facial for brightening, toning, and easing fine lines: Green Papaya + Lime Mask, Royal Rose Honey Mask.

Cool Spot Soother Facial to calm redness, soothe, smooth, and deep clean spots: Ozonated Bedew Dab, Rosemary Reset Powder

Smoothness Facial: Dew Dab, BeDew Dab.

Clarifying Facial to help clear out deep dirt and environmental toxins from your skin while replenish and soothing: Frankincense Honey Mask with Zippity Dewdab.

Mature Skin Facial to reinvigorate, strengthen, firm, and smooth: Rose Renewal + Frankincense Firming Fluid, Royal Rose CoQ10 Serum, Soothsayer Serum, Jewel Dab.

Great for applying to the face on top of a face mask to really maximise the benefits of the botanical benefits of what ever beautiful product you've applied to your skin. I love to place this silicone mask on my face when in the bath so I can lay back, relax and focus on my breathing (exhaling all the stress from the day) whilst the mask works it's wonders on my complexion. What I love about this mask is that it's reusable. Over and over and over again.