oil pulling concentrate 50ml


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sesame oil (organic), acacia nilotica*, ficus religiosa*, wild Himalayan cherry*, cardamom extract (organic), banyan tree, acacia catechu*, lodh tree*, Indian madder*, eagle wood*, Indian gall-nut*, Indian gooseberry, gmelina arborea*, long-leaved pine*, spikenard*, stone flowers, sandalwood*, woodfordia fruticosa*, deodar*, licorice*, clove*, lotus seed, lemongrass, turmeric, nutgrass, nutmeg, cinnamon, camphor.

* Wild Harvested

Dr Tung's Oil Pulling Concentrate is a time-tested remedy of 24 plants and herbs used for oil pulling.

Ancient Ayurvedic texts recommend oil pulling as part of your daily routine, to strengthen teeth and gums, help with mouth dryness and other oral conditions. Sesame oil is specifically mentioned for its subtle, penetrating, preventive and balancing effects. 

Use undiluted, or mix contents with 150ml organic sesame (not toasted) or coconut oil — i.e. 1:3 ratio. Swish daily after tongue cleaning and toothbrushing. Place 1 tablespoon mixture in mouth. Slowly swish it around the mouth and "chew" on it for 5 – 15 minutes. When done, do not swallow but spit into toilet (not into sink). Rinse your mouth with lukewarm, saline water.

When I was younger I didn't have the best dental care practice. I used to brush my teeth too hard, and in the wrong direction. Over the years of doing this, it resulted in my gums being damaged so much so that they receded. When I went to the dentist to ask about this he recommended that I might need gum grafting. This freaked me out. So I upped my dental care ritual and incorporated oil pulling to my morning wake up ritual. After 3 months of doing the oil pulling my gums were in such better condition that when I went back to my dentist he let me know that my gum health had improved, and that I no longer needed the gum grafting surgery. Amazing huh! I continue to use this product most mornings as I am convinced it is a MUST for good gum health.