oil-to-milk cleanser 100ml


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Calendula infused in Almond Oil, Castor Oil, Ecomulse, Oliv-Esters, Vitamin E, and Chamomile extract.

it starts as an oil, then becomes a milk when wet, and finally washes off leaving not a trace of oil (or dirt). Skin is left feeling clean, refreshed and moisturised.

This oil-to-milk cleanser is great for:

  • Removing makeup & dirt
  • Soap-free gentle cleanser

Oil-to-milk cleansers are becoming well known as the best sunscreen and makeup removers.

All BLACK SHEEP FARM skin care products are:

  • Plant based.
  • All natural
  • Handmade in small batches in the Northern Rivers NSW

Use with dry hands on dry skin.

Warm a small amount of the cleanser in clean, dry hands and apply to face, neck and décolletage.

Add a splash of warm water and continue to massage, as the cleanser transforms into a soft, delicate milk. Rinse clean.

Follow with your regular skin routine.

Note: It’s VERY important to not get the cleanser wet, as it will then turn from an oil into a milk, which is why we have it in a pump pack for use in the shower.

Opening the pump-top: To open the pump-top, hold the top of the inner round ring just below the pump with one thumb or finger, using your other hand turn the pump counter-clockwise until it ‘pops’ up. You can close it doing this in reverse (it will likely pump some cleanser onto your clean, white shirt, be warned!). If the pump is totally stuck, you may have to unscrew the pump-top from the glass bottle, then hold the white-inner part just below the black lid while turning the pump counter-clockwise.

I came across Black Sheep Farm products at my local massage place that my husband and I book in to, at Mac (the founder of Black Sheep Farm) and Chommy's house, who are a 5 minute drive from my home. It was at a time when one of our puppies had dislocated her toe, so I purchased the hemp, comfrey and arnica balm to massage on to her toes, as well as the old dog hemp oil to add to her food. She had a remarkable recovery and so, I ended up using the rest of the hemp, comfrey and arnica balm myself on my hips which sometimes get a little achey. And it worked wonders for me too. This led me to try the rest of the range and I fell in love. The ingredients are oh so pure and clean, as well as therapeutically healing. So when Mac asked me to trial the new Skin Care range I jumped for joy with a "yes please". And I loved it. So much so that we now stock it. It's a BRILLIANT choice for those of you on a budget, yet still keen to choose natural and organic botanicals that deliver visible results.