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coriander oil.

Every bottle contains the oil of thousands of Perfectly Pressed™ organic non-GMO seeds. Our unique pressing process ensures that there is no damage to the nutritional properties. The finished product is stored in UV-protective Miron glass bottles to maintain quality over time. Zero damage equals zero rancidity.

Serving Size: 17 drops (0.5ml). Servings Per Container 30

Coriander (Cilantro) seeds have a warm, sweet and spicy aroma and is well known for its culinary uses. It’s high in vitamins A, C, and K and is an excellent source of fiber. It also helps to promote a friendly environment for good bacteria.

Coriander doesn’t just provide your body with vitamins, it also helps your body process vitamins. Because Vitamin-D is “fat soluble”, it is best taken and absorbed with healthy fats. Coriander seeds are loaded with fatty acids and essential oils. In fact, 28.4% of the seeds weight is healthy fatty acids! Coriander seed oil is also loaded with antioxidants that fight oxidative stress which can lower your ability to absorb nutrients.

The World's Only Pure-Undamaged Coriander Seed Oil. Perfect Press® Coriander oil is the best RAW Coriander seed oil available anywhere. It’s perfectly pressed from thousands of the most potent organic coriander seeds in the world — Indian coriander seeds. Research suggests that these seeds are more effective for fighting bad bacteria because they contain the highest amount of volatile compounds of any type of coriander seeds.

An aromatic and powerful oil with benefits for gut health, skin health and blood sugar balance. While you can always consume seeds as part of your daily diet, enjoying seed oil is a great way to capitalise on concentrated nutrients. It’s like the nutritional punch that you get when you juice a load of fresh veggies and fruits. Your body receives a rush of nutrition that can heal and revitalise your body at the cellular level.

Each bottle comes with a dropper attached to the lid. Take one dropperful, under the tongue, with some food or in a drink/smoothie each day. If taken in this way, one bottle will last roughly 30 days.

Please remember, this is a powerful oil and everyone is different. We always recommend trying a small amount to see how your body reacts first.

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