perfect uric 50ml


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terminalia bellirica (Baheda / Bibhitaki), distilled water.

Serving Size: 0.83ml (17 drops). Servings Per Container: 60

The bottle for this batch may be different than the one pictured due to supply chain issues. The bottle you receive may be Miron Glass.

Perfect Uric is a powerful extract made from an East Asian Fruit called ‘Baheda’.

Perfect Uric is the world’s first and only natural support that target’s the root cause of Uric Acid flare ups and joint pain.

Perfect Uric helps strengthen immunity, adds thickness and luster to your hair, balances your cholesterol levels, and is 100% vegetarian and non-GMO.

Shake before each use. Take 17 drops (0.83ml) twice a day, or as directed by a healthcare practitioner.

Add to juice, smoothie or water.

17 drops twice a day gives 1000mg of Terminalia bellirica (Bibhitaki).

What a beautiful thing it is to have found the Activation collection of health products. My recent obsession and deep dive in to mineral supplementation and ensuring my diet is obtaining a high level of 'good' fats is what led me to Activation Products. And .. I'm in love. Each product is made with the utmost integrity and purity. And yes, they perform. The Perfect Uric is just as amazing as their mineral and oil products. And essential for health and vitality in this modern world. Whilst I don't suffer from uric acid flare ups or joint pain, I have loved taking this extract for the other health benefits.