rejuv for gums 50ml


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Sesame Oil (Organic), Acacia Nilotica*, Ficus Religiosa*, Wild Himalayan Cherry*, Cardamom Extract (Organic), Banyan Tree, Acacia Catechu*, Lodh Tree*, Indian Madder*, Eagle Wood*, Indian Gall-Nut*, Indian Gooseberry, Gmelina Arborea*, Long-Leaved Pine*, Spikenard*, Stone Flowers, Sandalwood*, Woodfordia Fruticosa*, Deodar*, Licorice*, Clove*, Lotus Seed, Lemongrass, Turmeric, Nutgrass, Nutmeg, Cinnamon, Camphor.

*Wild Harvested

Authentic Ayurvedic formula! REJUV™ for gums is one of the most powerful nourishing formulas for gums available anywhere. A time-tested remedy of 24 plants and herbs used for healing and strengthening the gums, it is recommended for a whole range of oral conditions from receding gums, oral pain, swollen gums, swelling of gums and bleeding gums, to dry mouth.

REJUV™ for gums is the only 100% herbal oral pain reliever and gum conditioner. Some of its plants and botanicals - like cassia and ficus bengalensis - have an astringent quality, said to be most useful for healing gum tissue. And research indicates that the sesame oil base (which soothes and nourishes, helps the herbs revitalise the gums and alleviate dry mouth conditions) has antimicrobial affects on subgingival plaque. In doing its healing, REJUV™ for gums also removes bacteria from the oral cavity, leaving the mouth fresh and revitalised.

Massage gums 2 - 4 x daily with 10 drops or swish 15 drops in mouth for 30 seconds. Spit out after use.

Due to over-brushing my teeth (and doing so far too rigorously) for far too many years my gums have paid the price by receding. Not much fun at all. A number of years ago my dentist recommended gum surgery, and so I decided it was time to start giving my gums extra TLC. This REJUV was part of my protocol (along with oil swishing, flossing with essential oils on the floss, and rinsing my mouth with Essential Oxygen) to help improve the condition of my gums. Fast forward a few months and .. ta da .. my dentist said I no longer needed the gum surgery. How amazing is that!