solaris 15ml


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Sesame Seed Oil, Thyme, Rosemary, Plant-Based Eugenol, Peppermint & Clove Oils.

Solaris is made entirely of botanical extracts and is free of any artificial ingredients, pesticides, fillers or preservatives of any kind. Each ingredient in the formula is a powerful antioxidant, preventing cellular damage from free radicals.

Serving Size: 10 drops. Servings Per Container: 30

Maintain Good Gut Health, Support Your Immunity, and Energise Every Cell in Your Body! This powerful blend combines super potent versions of Thyme, Rosemary, Plant-Based Eugenol, Peppermint & Clove Oil into one perfect blend. Each of these ingredients taken individually would do incredible things for your health. They each have proven benefits with the potential to change your life... imagine what combining them can do. Solaris combines ALL of those benefits.

Beating the bad guys is always the first step. Supporting every single one of your body’s systems requires promoting balance at the cellular level. Making sure you take out the bad guys AND give your cells exactly what they need on a day-to-day basis... is the secret to maintaining radiant health and wellness. Solaris provides that nourishment and support. It’s the simplest natural way to keep your cells healthy. When the nutrients in Solaris come into contact with a GOOD cell, they reinforce its cellular wall and essentially make it stronger.

Based on your body’s needs you may require more Solaris, but our standard recommended serving is 5 drops, 2x daily for maintaining good cellular health. Feel free to use more but keep in mind that this is a powerful formula. Add a little to a small glass of water each morning and then again throughout the day as needed.

What a beautiful thing it is to have found the Activation collection of health products. My recent obsession and deep dive in to mineral supplementation and ensuring my diet is obtaining a high level of 'good' fats is what led me to Activation Products. And .. I'm in love. Each product is made with the utmost integrity and purity. And yes, they perform. My body feels and looks healthier than ever since introducing this line in to my life.