The Truth About Melasma by Janett Juwien


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185 pages 

The Truth About Melasma is an educational skincare book that unveils the true nature of melasma. It combines facts backed up by science with a holistic treatment approach. Find out how a damaged environment and a stressed society contribute to this skin condition. Become empowered to heal yourself. Regain balance within your body, create harmony in your environment and fall in love with yourself while healing your skin.

After working as an esthetician for many years, Janett noticed that clients with melasma have risen to an alarming number. To her own and her clients’ frustration, she had to tolerate the fact that professional treatments and cosmetics do not give the desired results. The information she has gathered from her clients’ personal melasma stories revealed to her that this is more than just sun-induced or pregnancy- related hyperpigmentation. She decided to start the search on a medical database for answers and felt a responsibility to pass on the findings.

Melasma is a hyperpigmentary skin condition that is still not 100% understood. Worldwide, thousands of people suffer from it and the numbers seem to rise. Different melasma support groups on social media hold up to 75k members. In these groups, women share skincare tips but also discuss their grief and even voice suicidal thoughts caused by the daily distress they feel by the appearance of their skin.

The Truth About Melasma is a well-researched educational resource that is backed up by clinical research with over 250 references. The author dedicated uncountable hours examining the clinical studies about melasma and packed the findings into bite-sized and easy-to-understand segments presented in just under 200 pages.

This book offers cutting-edge information and a renegade view of the root causes, which Janett identifies as imbalances in the body's internal systems. It presents the environmental factors that contribute to these imbalances, such as emotional stress, air pollution, artificial light, heavy metals and toxins in food and cosmetics. What seems to start as a true crime thriller with some terrifying facts, offers a happy end with simple, gentle and holistic solutions to fight this stubborn skin condition.

A MUST read. It baffles my brain how the 'beauty industry' continues to convince people that harsh chemical peels and professional treatments are a good idea, especially for treating melasma. The number of people who I know personally who are now suffering from pigmentation after doing these treatments, or using those products is growing. There is also so much mis-information out there about the causes and treatments for pigmentation and melasma.  And so .. for anyone out there who suffers from melasma or keen to know more about it, I highly recommend this book. It's brilliant. There are so many handy little tips in the book.